• Meizu M6 SP – Cheaper, But Still The Same

    We’re all fans of the Meizu Miniplayer here, thanks to its iPod Nano-like size and its iPod Video-like functionality. So it’s good news to us that they’ve just released an SP edition of their 1, 2 and 4GB players. The SP edition goes for an average of $30 cheaper than the standard editions, but according to Meizu, the quality is just the same. For those of you unfamiliar with the… Read More

  • Panasonic Drops Two Toughbooks with Core Duo

    Panasonic Drops Two Toughbooks with Core Duo

    Panasonic’s Achilles-like (indestructible unless you hit it at the right place) line of notebooks just got a refresh with two models, the CF-30 and the CF-19. These two notebooks passed such tests as 26 drops from 36 inches, vibration in ground vehicles, water spillage on the keyboards, extreme temperature, dust and altitude resistance. Also known as the “infant” series of tests. Read More

  • "Halo" Film In Turmoil

    "Halo" Film In Turmoil

    Not exactly tech, but news that might interest a few of you nonetheless. Variety reports that Universal and Fox have pulled out of the “Halo” film. Sources close to the issue have cited financial squabbles as the root of the studio desertion. A representative for Peter Jackson, who is producing the film, stated that Universal called a meeting in an attempt to reduce Microsoft’s… Read More

  • Nyko's Upcoming Frontman Wireless Guitar Hero Controller

    . Nyko’s releasing a wireless guitar controller for the upcoming Guitar Hero 2, featuring their trademark wireless Nyko technology and the two-tone black and red color of the Gibson Explorer. 1up had a chance to try the controller, and says all the buttons feel in-place and that the guitar should hit shelves next month for around $59.99. We’re not sure whether Red Octane will sue them… Read More

  • Sony Releases 007 Vaio TX Notebook and Cyber-shot Camera

    to be like Bond is a bit tougher to answer, that is unless you’re Sony. The Japanese powerhouse is offering you, flabby Joe, a limited edition VGNTX007C “Spy Gear” pack with Sony’s Vaio TX Notebook and a 7.2-megapixel Cyber-shot camera. The Vaio TX has a 11.1-inch LCD, weighs 2.8-pounds, and has 11-hours of battery life with the extra battery. The Cyber-shot DSC-T50 can… Read More

  • Freedom V Wireless Guitar Controller Review

    Freedom V Wireless Guitar Controller Review

    The Freedom V Wireless Guitar controller was developed by TAC (The Ant Commandos) for one of the biggest Playstation 2 hits ever, Guitar Hero. The game puts you on stage to rock out to classic tunes while strumming along and matching the on screen notes. The whole process is similar to Dance Dance Revolution, but a whole lot more fun (and a whole lot less homoerotic). In my opinion, Guitar Hero is… Read More

  • Apple Files iPod Patent For Recording Terrestrial and Satellite Radio

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/FM, satellite, and WiFi. The patent art shows that the iPod will accept accessories "to add the necessary functionality", so it's more than likely that the iPod won't be doing the receiving or recording itself. The functionality features recording either a part or all of the song, then connecting your iPod to… Read More

  • Sony Releasing Two New PSPs Next Spring?

    Sony Releasing Two New PSPs Next Spring?

    According to some analysts, Sony is going to be refreshing its PSP line in order to revive its flagging portable gaming console. So far various rumors say one of these models will have 8GB of built-in flash, while the other will have a hard drive. There weren’t any details on how large the hard drive would be, but we’re guessing something on the order of iPod size, or else… Read More

  • TubePod – The Truly High Fidelity iPod Dock

    TubePod – The Truly High Fidelity iPod Dock

    There are about a gazillion (actual figure) iPod docks out there, and today we bring you one more. This one claims to be different, though. All of those $200-$500 ones can get to stepping, because Sonic Integrity has stepped up the game with their $1,000 TubePod. At this point, the mere fact that there’s not an “i” in front of the name makes it worth the money. But this one is… Read More

  • CrunchGear in Korea: Heading Home

    carrier will be launching it in the next few weeks, maybe the one that starts with T and rhymes with “noble.” It’s a cool Windows Mobile 5.0 – gah! – smartphone with a great form factor, so you all will be first to know when it hits the stores. I’m also going to write a bit on the void between Eastern tech and Western tech. I can honestly say that the carriers… Read More

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  • Sony To Replace Dead SIXAXIS (If They Ever Die)

    Sony To Replace Dead SIXAXIS (If They Ever Die)

    Yesterday, it was revealed that the battery found inside the PS3 controller will not be replaceable. It is rechargable, but once the battery really runs out, you’ll have to pony up $49.99 for another one. Fanboys were angered, mobs raised their fists in anger. Then today comes along and we find that Sony plans to replace your old SIXAXIS (as it’s affectionally called) if it ever… Read More

  • U-G-L-Y: ago7 UMPC

    Generally, I don’t bash products I haven’t seen in person and haven’t used, but it’s ultra mobile PCs like the ago7 that will kill the already small, fragile UMPC market. Will you look at this thing? It needs to be put out of its misery. The reason I’m on the attack this morning is because I received a press release for the ago7 stating it was a new option for… Read More

  • iPod Turns Five, Competition Still Looking for Killer

    On October 23, 2001, the first Apple iPod was launched and every music-player manufacturer has been trying to play “catch up” ever since. CNET’s News.com has a really nice collection of iPod-related stories, including a fresh retrospective that suggests the only trouble the player faces right now is from the cell-phone industry, and even that’s not much concern since its… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Security Edition

    Daily Crunch: Security Edition

    Look back at the digital wonderland of yesterday: True Utility LockLite: A Flashlight on Your Keys (Literally) Upravlator From the Optimus Designers How Close Is The Invisibility Cloak? Video Piracy Made Easy with iRecord NetTansor WiFi Lets You Spy On Your Stuff Read More

  • JibJab's "Great Sketch Experiment"

    If you have no idea what JibJab is, turn the volume up on your computer and start with their original parody cartoon of the 2004 U.S. presidential election called “This Land,” which has been viewed more than 80 million times. Then go watch all of their other original cartoons here. JibJab is now leveraging their brand to expand beyond a few self-produced parody videos. In April 2006… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Sells Out In Japan

    Xbox 360 Sells Out In Japan

    I can’t believe it, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is selling like mad in Japan. The special edition bundle of Blue Dragon was available for preorder yesterday, in which 100,000 units sold out almost immediately. Another 90,000 standard bundles were soon to follow the shortage. Blue Dragon is an Xbox 360 title developed by the makers of the successful Chrono Cross. The special edition bundle… Read More

  • Technorati Announces Support for Open ID

    Blog search engine Technorati announced tonight that bloggers will now be able to claim ownership of their blogs with Open ID credentials and that more work in support of Open ID is on the way. Open ID provides one URL you can use to identify yourself at all participating sites around the web. You can handle the logistics yourself or you can pay any number of different vendors to register your ID… Read More

  • Moto's Touchscreen, Linux-Based ROKR E6 Clears FCC, Excites Fanboys

    Another day, another slick Moto phone, right?. Sorta. This candy bar Moto is more likely than most to get the fan boys frothing, as it’s totally different, but kinda the same, as the phones Moto has been turning out lately. It’s similar in that it’s called the ROKR E6, which means it will be a music phone (and it will ROCK). Its looks are very RAZR-esque, right down to the laser… Read More

  • MyBlogLog: Readers Network Around Their Favorite Blogs

    MyBlogLog is a social networking system for blog readers to connect and learn about each other around their favorite blogs – and for blog publishers to access detailed information about their readers. Founded in March of 2005, the site relaunched this morning and took its social networking features out of beta stage. The company says it is currently serving 4000 live blog-based communities. Read More

  • Keane to Release Next Single on Thumb Drive

    By now, CDs are a passe way to buy music. Soooo 2001, really. And iTunes, or BitTorrent? Please. If you really want to get your music the modern way, apparently you buy it on TD (thumb drive). And that is how Keane is releasing their next single. Okay, really we’re not sure whether this is stupid or inspired, but at $7.45 US, including multimedia features and bonuses such as wallpapers… Read More