• Boring Edition: Microsoft lets loose two new mice

    I’m trying so hard not to fall asleep on my keyboard while writing this, but Microsoft has updated their mice line with the Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, pictured, and 7000 (looks the same, but comes in black). They’re both super boring, but somebody out there has a mouse fetish. I think it’s Devin. Both models have been designed with ergonomics in mind. The 7000 and 6000… Read More

  • InterOffice takes up where the AirMail left off

    When the Air first dropped, a few designers got together to make the AirMail. We called it pretentious. What, then, do you think we’ll call the InterOffice? {democracy:25} Read More

  • FBI wants to see your tramp stamp

    Are you ready to show the FBI that tattoo you got in Key West when after you broke up with Celia and decided to go on a tear and get a tattoo disparaging both Celia and her mom? I sure don’t! It seems the FBI is planning a $1 billion, 10-year project to map identifying characteristics of millions of suspects, including palm prints, eye scans, and tattoo maps. Most of this data is… Read More

  • Sony wants you to upgrade your own damn PS3 HDD

    In the last couple of weeks there have been rumors that Sony will announce a 120GB version of the PS3 and they’ve denied those rumors every time. I believe the HDD upgrade is imminent and in the pipe, but a recent interview with SCE Australia and NZ’s managing director Michael Ephraim has me scratching my head. He actually wants us to upgrade the HDD on the PS3 ourselves and to… Read More

  • Why fight? Studios releasing on HD DVD and Blu-Ray

    It was bound to happen: the major studios are releasing videos in both formats and just letting the market shake things out — mostly in the direction of hybrid players. Ultimately, I think the question will become moot but until then, folks like Warner Bros (I Am Legend) and Universal (Charlie Wilson’s War) will release in both formats. I think the biggest decider will be… Read More

  • AOL acquires affiliate network to boost ad platform

    AOL has acquired buy.at, a leading affiliate marketing network backed by VC house DFJ Esprit, reports TechCrunch UK. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but well-placed sources say the deal is worth in the region of $150 million (£75 million). Although launched in the UK in 2002, buy.at now has a much bigger US operation, which is what attracted AOL’s interest. buy.at will… Read More

  • Cupertino meets deep space with Star Trek engraving

    Here are some Star Trek-inspired iPod and MacBook engravings for your perusal. The artist and/or company that did these engravings is unknown at this time but I’m sure he/she/they will be the hit of some sort of convention; Apple, Star Trek, or otherwise. Star Trek engraved Apple products [Geekstir.com] via Newlaunches.com Read More

  • Aviary Invites Readers To Try Their Online Design Suite

    When I first saw Aviary I called it an incredibly ambitious art project. Aviary is creating a online creativity ecosystem that consists of a Flash based graphics suite tied to a marketplace where artists can sell their creations. For the suite, the New York based team of 12 has been developing over 14 graphics tools ranging from pattern generators to vector based graphic editors. They’ve… Read More

  • Repairs begin on cut undersea cables

    John is pretty hopped up on this stuff, so I’ll continue the trend. The undersea cables that were cut last week will, hopefully, soon be back up and running. Ships have been deployed to begin repairs and the one nearest the UAE is receiving treatment as we speak. FLAG Telecom, an Indian-owned cable network operator released this statement: “FLAG repair team is operating in… Read More

  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2 dated

    For the rabid Tom Clancy fans in the audience here’s some good news. Ubisoft has finally dated the latest TC title, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and it’s due out March 21. Hooray! Read More

  • Reble, Reble, I Like Your Playlist

    In the old days, when people had stereos (remember those), if you wanted to listen to a friend’s music collection, you had to go to their house. Today, you check out their iLike playlists on Facebook, their Last.fm profile, or any of dozens of other social music sharing widgets and Websites. Now you can add Reble.FM to that list. Reble.FM is free software you download to your desktop… Read More

  • iPod Touch upgraded to 32GB

    I should really check things out before jumping the gun like that. Looks like the iPod Touch just got a bump up to 32GB, but $500 is kind of a lot. It is flash memory, though. Damn it. It’s available now through the Apple Store, retail stores and resellers. Apple Store Read More

  • 16GB iPhone is finally here, maybe I'll buy one

    It’s sort of a shocker, but sort of not. After months of speculation Apple has officially announced what we’ve all been expecting. The 16GB version is here for $499.99. I’m still not buying one, but how about a 32GB Touch, Apple? I really want one of those. What about you guys? It’s available now through the Apple Store, retail stores and resellers. Apple Store Read More

  • Apple Store is down: battle stations, everyone

    It is Tuesday and we’ve been hearing mumblings about an update to the MacBook Pro line. I’m not too sure what else it could, but I doubt it’s going to be anything mind blowing. I guess I’ll just throw it out there as I’m sure some of you might think it’s a 16GB iPhone. The 16GB Touch has been around long enough. Looks like all country stores are up, but ours. Read More

  • Fring Adds File-Swapping To Its Mobile VoIP App

    There is no reason why mobile IM and VoIP software should be any different than PC-based versions. Case in point: Today, mobile VoIP startup Fring is adding some new features to its mobile application, including file-swapping. Fring uses your cell phone’s data plan or WiFi connection to make free Internet calls. Like Skype, it charges a small fee to connect to landline and mobile… Read More

  • Nokia’s Gaming and Social Networking Services Now Available

    The world’s largest cellphone manufacturer, Nokia, has expanded its mobile Internet services by launching its new N-Gage gaming service and social networking site Share on Ovi, today. The gaming service and media sharing site are a large part of Nokia’s strategy to create mobile services under its new Ovi brand. The social networking site will allow users to share photos and videos. Read More

  • New iPhone and iPod Models have Twice the Memory

    Apple announced that it has new models of the iPhone and iPod with twice the memory of older <img src='http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/apple-logo6.jpg' alt='apple-logo6.jpg'class="left"
    versions. A version of the iPhone will now sell with 16 gigabytes of memory. Since its launch in June of 2007, Apple has sold over 4 million iPhones. The… Read More

  • MySpace launches platform, aims at UK devs

    MySpace launches an applications platform to compete with Facebook today at developer.myspace.com. Although MySpace signed up to Google’s OpenSocial project, it’s own platform will have MySpace-specific “extensions”. From today, there will be a one month application development period allowing developers to build and test their apps without them being available to… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Shoot Shoot Edition

    TiVo releases seriously flawed Super Bowl ad data
    HOW TO stay a virgin this Valentine’s Day
    PMA 2008: DSLR Rain Cover for Hydrophobes
    Forget that keychain breathalyzer, what you want is this Halitosis Detector
    CG Spain Meet-up: The CG in Spain falls mainly in the plain Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Charlie from Sidekick LX review The internet on this phone does not suck! It is very nice and smooth. When you take out the battery, the settings dont reset either! I dont know where your getting u info fom but its wrong!! The only retarded… Read More

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