• Arduino TouchShield OLED

    Arduino is little open source circuit board that lets you create some fairly compelling projects with a few lines of code and some circuit boards. The latest addition to the project is LiquidWare’s TouchShield, an sensitive OLED that sits on top of the main board. Here it interacts with its human subject. (via Make) Read More

  • Radness: Water-cooled Xbox 360 mod

    My Xbox 360 overheats badly. So badly in fact that its best if I put it in the window next to my TV to play Halo 3, let it crash out when I’m mid-frag. I’ve picked up the Intercooler from Amazon and it makes things a little better, but if my radiator kicks on I know I’ve got about 3 minutes until I’m kaput. I should try something like Michael Hurt’s water-cooled Xbox. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: GTA IV multiplayer screen shots

    GTA IV launches April 29. You want this game. You’ve been frothing over this game for months and months. It has a 16-player online mode. Check out the shots. Read More

  • Another mesmerizing DiiFii review – 'Gunstar Heroes'

    Ah, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a video game review by DiiFii. I don’t know where he’s from, how old he is, or what he’s looking for out of this particular lifetime, but I can’t not watch his videos. Please enjoy this enthusiastic review of ‘Gunstar Heroes,’ a game that’s available for download to the Wii’s Virtual Console. Read More

  • CloudTrade.com: Mobile data storage for vile harpies

    CloudTrade is a new mobile media sharing platform that is offering 1GB of storage for free. You can share music and video with your friends and upload all your stuff over mobile. The above video shows how it works, but in a way that makes us ant to cry. Since when do girlfriends laugh at you for doing pilates? Read More

  • Griffin responds on the ClearBoost case

    Last week I tested — and lambasted — the Griffin ClearBoost case as the offspring of those “cell booster” stickers of yore. This touched a nerve at Griffin HQ and will encourage me to research this further with a fresh iPhone and a case. While I stand by my assessment that this is an RF interference device rather than a “booster,” I’m glad the folks… Read More

  • Yes, that is a $2,000 iPod dock made of "artificial coral"

    Do you have a chicken that lays golden eggs? Or, perhaps, a tree with money flowering on its limbs? Or maybe you are just a business consultant who earns some ungodly sum for laying platitudes before credulous CEOs? Whatever your method, if you are stinking rich, here is your next purchase. It is an iPod dock. And it is made of artificial coral. What is artificial coral, you say, and what… Read More

  • OCZ StealthXStream 600W: a perfectly decent PSU at a bargain price

    In this exhaustive review, the StealthXStream is taken apart and examined minutely by what I can only describe as zealous enthusiasts in the hardware field. Normally I just read the comments at Newegg to see whether a PSU lives up to its power promises, but these reviewers break it to pieces and track the manufacturers. It’s an interesting read if you’ve never contemplated the bits… Read More

  • MTV: Wii-like controller coming to Xbox 360 for Xmas

    SIXAXIS is cool, but the Wiimote is by far the most revolutionary video game controller of this current generation of consoles. The Xbox team knows this, and MTV has it on very good, solid word that Microsoft has been developing its own version of a motion-sensitive controller for almost a year. It’s not a regular Xbox controller with motion tracking, but a more Wiimote-like controller… Read More

  • HP offers unlimited online storage with 'Upline'

    And Hewlett Packard, ladies and gentlemen, becomes the first company to offer unlimited online stor — oh, really? Okay. And Hewlett Packard joins a long line of competitors offering unlimited online storage with its new Upline service. It costs $5 per month for one user, $7 per month for a family of three, or $9 per month for three business licenses (expandable to 100). It only works on… Read More

  • SocialSpark: Candy Colored Shilling

    IZEA (formerly PayPerPost) has soft launched their new social network for “posties” Social Spark. Social Spark brings the PayPerPost scheme into a candy colored social network. There’s little need to describe all the features as there’s nothing really innovative: think MySpace or Facebook but in bright colors. The key difference is the focus on shilling; center stage… Read More

  • The President's iPod violates RIAA's idea of copyright

    The Prez has Beatles songs on his iPod, showing he’s at least connected to the real world in some way. The problem is, iTunes still haven’t sold any Beatles songs, meaning he (or someone else) ripped them from a CD. The RIAA, governors of all things audio, say this is a big no-no, and not fair use. While the RIAA isn’t likely going to sue the Prez it further puts them in a… Read More

  • RSA-enabled thumbdrives take the day

    This week the RSA Conference 2008 is rocking and rolling out in San Fran and have we got some news for you. First up, UPEK has a fingerprint sensing USB key with RSA security. Next we have an SanDisk version of basically the same thing. And just when you thought you were going to skip RSA Conference this year because last year was a bust! With news like this, who needs Ambien? Read More

  • aka-aki to launch English MoSo app

    aka-aki, the Berlin-based mobile social network, has launched its public beta for Germany and a localised English version of the service will launch “soon”. About 2,000 people in Berlin have been using the software during its private beta since since August 2007. The company previously raised a small seed round from FoundersLink. With aka-aki you create a profile on the site and… Read More

  • Fujitsu to sell PalmSecure in North America

    Remember PalmSecure, that weird thing that scanned your hand veins? Well, Fujitsu is selling it in the US now as a Windows-compatible add-on. The thing I saw was stuck into a mouse but you could potentially add it to almost anything. Regardless, it’s really gross. Read More

  • We can buy their TVs, but we can't visit their Omise?

    I’m down with keeping out foreigners — the Thetans and Xenu’s angry warrior lords need to stay far away from my precious e-resources — but Japan takes the concept to dizzy new heights. I luckily never saw these signs when I was in Tokyo but we did storm into a Japanese-only “massage parlor” one night with women, which was apparently verboten. Who knew… Read More

  • Separated at birth? Apple and gOS

    After Thanks to ElitishSnob for pointing out the similarity between Apple’s website and the gOS AKA the sexy new MYSPACE ENABLED GOOGLE OS FROM THE MAKERS OF LINUX website. gOS is the so-called Google OS that Everex is flogging with its new Mac Mini Mini PC. Do these people think we’re not seeing this? Do they take us all for fools? Let’s take a peek into the… Read More

  • Wired compiles list of celebs as if they were D&D characters; Gary Gygax rolling perfect 20s in his grave

    Having reported on all the news in the tech world the good people from Wired have compiled a list of a few popular celebrities and had its readers score them as if they were D&D characters. No, really, they get paid to do this. It’s entertaining, but kind of juvenile. Maybe we should offer them work here. Read More

  • Covestor raises $6.5 m Series A, led by Union Square and Spark

    Two A key European VC is backing a site which allows you to play the markets with your brokerage account. US-based Covestor has raised $6.5 million dollars in Series A funding, led by Union Square Ventures in the US and European US-based VC Spark Capital. They were joined by fellow European VC Amadeus Capital Partners. MarketWatch and Motley Fool CAPS, Cake Financial and Social Picks are all… Read More

  • ExpoImaging ring flash adapter does some neat-o stuff, makes your photos look way better

    Today, ExpoImaging announced the Ray Flash: The Ring Flash Adapter, which purportedly replicates the lighting effect given off by more expensive studio ring flashes. The Ray Flash slides into the hot shoe and because of its circular design creates a 3D shadow that wraps around your subject. In other words, it sort of evens out the burst of light so one section of your photo isn’t… Read More

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