• You Suck at Photoshop #7

    http://www.mydamnchannel.com/xml/mdc_embed.swf?episode=566 I find it extremely ironic that the Fonz makes an appearance in this installment of the YSAP. Why? Well, after episode 6 a few people muttered something about it having jumped the shark. I personally think it’s still funny. How Donnie ends this episode is proof that it hasn’t jumped the shark. I’m still laughing. What… Read More

  • Bad RAM: Disk encryption vulnerable to attack

    Disk encryption, in its current implementation, is a joke. But it’s hardly the software makers’ fault. Princeton researchers have developed a method to defeat a form of disk encryption that’s commonly found on laptops. It relies on the fact that RAM, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t erase automatically when power is cut. Rather, information stored in RAM—here… Read More

  • Bluetooth iPod: Huh… I might try this

    I’m pretty ham-handed when it comes to soldering and disassembly but it might be cool to give this a go. Essentially you tear down a Bluetooth headset and cram it into the bottom part of a 4G or 5G iPod. He also added the iVue clear front panel to make it just that much cooler. He also recommends a CF adapter for the hard drive to save space. Bluetooth 5G iPod – Finished! Read More

  • Vista SP1 accidentally released yesterday

    Anyone get Vista SP1 via Windows Update yesterday? Apparently someone at Microsoft accidentally made the update available for a little while — can you believe it? Here’s what ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes was able to get out of a spokesperson.
    “…Today, a build of SP1 was posted to Windows Update and it was inadvertently made available to a broad group. The build… Read More

  • SpaceStation: It's pretty much an $80 USB hub

    Here’s an experiment. Put two cables in the opposite corners of an empty room before you leave for work. When you return home, you should find that both cables have entangled themselves together. It works every time. If such activity is taking place atop your desk, a myriad of cable management solutions are readily available, the newest of which is the Bluelounge SpaceStation. Read More

  • Click Fraud Keeps Rising, Up 15 percent in 2007

    Click Forensics has some data out on click fraud (clicks on Internet ads that are not real) in the fourth quarter of 2007 and for the full year. The industry-wide average click fraud rate for the entire year went up 15 percent, ending the year with 16.6 percent of all clicks on Web ads being fraudulent. The click fraud rate for search engine ad networks alone, including Google AdSense and… Read More

  • Mobile Gaming News Roundup

    Each week MobileCrunchArcade compiles the biggest news from the world of mobile gaming. Congratulations’ go out to Konami for winning both the Grand Prix and Operator’s Choice Awards at this year’s International Mobile Gaming Awards. Out of nearly 400 entries, Metal Gear Solid Mobile was golden. (That’s the type of solid metal anyone can appreciate.) The mobile game… Read More

  • Cloudo: The Pretty WebOS Formerly Known As Xindesk

    Cloudo is the new Xindesk and looks like shaping up to be a good looking WebOS, if and when it launches. Cloudo was previously part of Xindesk, a company that was promising a WebOS and Widget platform that we’ve mentioned in passing previously. The widget platform is now known as “Widget Plus” with the WebOS taking the Cloudo name. Cloudo offers standard fare in terms of a… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Angry, Angry Young Man Edition

    Akiiiiiiiirrrrrraaaaa live-action movie coming in 2009
    Hi-Can canopy: I’d never get out of this bed
    Digital Tattoo Interface: creepy concept that runs on blood
    Alternative ratio method in discussion at popular BitTorrent tracker
    Optimus Maximus FINALLY shipping Read More

  • Rambo Facebook App Lets You Punch Robert Scoble

    Sony Pictures UK has launched a Rambo Facebook Game as a cross promotion for the local release of the new Rambo movie. John Rambo the Facebook App taps in to the growing mania for games on Facebook, complete with scoreboard and rankings. Users attack other users, and as they progress through levels users earn additional weapons. The app allows you to virtually punch any of your friends… Read More

  • Crunch Network


    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. ryan on DLO’s VideoShell: Put your nano down I have taken a firm poop on my desk that could be used as a Ipod holder
    It will be for sale soon for $19.99
    I’m pretty sure I can produce one a day
    each one will be unique and customizable… Read More

  • Gamers, Prepare To Raptr

    Tomorrow at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, attendees will get a peak at Dennis “Thresh” Fong’s newest startup – Raptr. It’s being demo’d as part of the Charles River/GDC launchpad event in the afternoon. Raptr has both desktop software and web service components. The client keeps PC-based games completely up to date behind the scenes… Read More

  • Fire Sale: CompUSA clearing out HD DVD player, movies

    The above picture pretty much explains it all. CompUSA is clearing everything out and here’s your chance to cash in. It’s only the 720p player but when you factor in the seven movies it’s not too bad a deal at $90. But you want the 1080p player don’t you? Yeah, I thought so. There’s even a deal on a 1080p Vizio. Check it out after the jump. Thanks for sending this… Read More

  • Apple Patent For Customized Podcasts

    Apple filed a patent January 9 that describes a method for automatically creating customized podcast mashups from various podcasts. Here’s the Abstract on the Patent from Apple Improved techniques to facilitate generation, management and delivery of personalized media items for users are disclosed. Users are able to influence or control content within a media item being personalized. In… Read More

  • Hyundai's new in-dash displays have people seeing double (Ha! Ha!)

    [photopress:20080218174129450.jpg,full,center] Much like the DLP dual-view monitors we checked out at CES, Hyundai has found a way to make an LCD monitor that displays different information depending on the angle, meaning that the driver and passenger can both look at it and each see entirely different screens. Ideally, this is so the driver can view GPS information while the passenger… Read More

  • UK's new badass binocs combo infrared, GPS to target baddies three miles away

    [photopress:jtasbino.jpg,full,center] Like a Certs being a candy mint and a breath mint, the SSRF is a rangefinder and a GPS targeting computer. Using a combination of technologies, the Surveillance System and Range Finder is used to identify enemies up to three miles away, then using the GPS, they call in the big guns to wipe them off the Earth. Kinda creepy. Look for a… Read More

  • New Mexico wants to tax video games to make kids less giant

    [photopress:games_for_guns_mexico.jpg,full,center] If there’s one thing we’ve learned over and over again, it’s that you can’t tax people into changing their ways. They’ll still buy cigarettes, gas, and booze, but instead of buying less, they’ll just curse the government and vote for Ron Paul. New Mexico, though, hasn’t learned, as some of its… Read More

  • For some reason, Adobe thinks Web video needs more DRM, suggest using it with Flash

    [photopress:screen_video_skins.jpg,full,center] Does Flash Video need DRM? Adobe thinks so, and is making a push for just such technology for the Flash Player 9 and Server 3 software suites. Using encryption and a licensing system, licensed viewers would be able to watch content in their subscriptions, but nobody else. This type of DRM isn’t for YouTube, at least not yet. It will… Read More

  • Pentaho Takes $12 Million Series C

    Open source Business Intelligence firm Pentaho has taken $12 million Series C in a round led by Benchmark Capital. Previous investors Index Ventures and New Enterprise Associates also participated. Pentaho offers commercial open source enterprise reporting, analysis, dashboard, data mining, workflow and ETL capabilities for Business Intelligence needs. Orlando, Florida based Pentaho was founded… Read More

  • To celebrate Daytona 500 win, Alltel giving away free minutes

    [photopress:ryannewman.jpg,full,center] I have met only one person in my life who uses Alltel and she was from the deep dark South, so maybe this post is for her. Ryan Newman won the Daytona 500 at the weekend; he was alarmingly gracious when I saw him on SportsCenter. (Larry the Cable Guy insists that the race is pretty much sacred in the South. I trust his opinion.) How does this tie… Read More

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