• Amazon Unbox Now Available Through Your TiVo

    Amazon Unbox Now Available Through Your TiVo

    The biggest downside to Amazon’s Unbox service for TiVo—other than the painfully slow download times and the inability to start playing a video while it’s still downloading—is that you have to go to your computer to order a download to use on your TiVo. Today, Amazon and TiVo announced that this is no longer necessary, as you can now rent or buy Unbox videos… Read More

  • Site Advisor 2.0: Haute Secure Launches To Detect and Block Malware

    Haute Secure launched moments ago: it’s a new browser plugin that the company says will detect and block malware before it has a chance to infect your computer. The timing couldn’t be better as news spreads of more Windows-based vulnerabilities. Haute Secure is free and relatively non-intrusive to the browsing experience. Like Site Advisor, acquired last year by McAfee for a… Read More

  • Boss to Employee: Be My Facebook Friend… or Else…

    Boss to Employee: Be My Facebook Friend… or Else…

    Friends forever We meet again, Facebook. I won’t be ranting and raving like an old man trying to return soup at a deli ($1 to the Seinfeld writers, and to my misguided youth) today, however. No, for today we look at perhaps the last workplace taboo: being online friends. It’s quite the dilemma. Let’s say your boss friends you, right, and you’re all, Oh, jeez, what do I… Read More

  • Gigya's Big Win With Top Widget Companies

    Gigya's Big Win With Top Widget Companies

    For developers designing for the other 99.9 percent of the web not running solely on Facebook, Gigya offers Wildfire, a simple interface for spreading, tracking, and monetizing your widget across 12 social sites. They’ve been chosen to handle distribution and tracking for 6 of the top 10 Widget properties (RockYou!, PictureTrail, BunnyHeroLabs, BlingyBlob.com, POQbum and… Read More

  • DIY Strawz to Take Drinking Stuff to a Whole New Level

    DIY Strawz to Take Drinking Stuff to a Whole New Level

    Up until now, straws were straight tubes of disposable soft plastic that your parents would use to transfer various liquids from cup-like containers into their dry, smelly mouths. Thanks to ThinkGeek.com, you’ve now got the ability — nay, the obligation — to mod your straws into various mind-blowing drinking apparatuses. Introducing the DIY Drinking Strawz. You’ll get… Read More

  • Good Idea, Bad Idea: iPod in a Microwave Edition

    It’s approximately 134 degrees outside and that got me thinking: what if you put an iPod nano in the microwave? Work with me here, people. Well if you did, it’d look something like this, not all that dissimilar from a Fourth of July celebration held inside Bio Dome. We’re like The N: we go there. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine actually put his iPod into a microwave… Read More

  • Blame Canada's Expensive Wireless Data Rates for As Yet No-Show iPhone

    Blame Canada's Expensive Wireless Data Rates for As Yet No-Show iPhone

    The iPhone has come and gone here and is rumored to be on its way to Europe soon. What about Canada? (What about Canada, indeed.) According to one of those research types from the University of Ottawa, which is Alex Trebek’s alma mater by the by, Canadians should blame expensive wireless data rates for the iPhone’s continued not-being-there-ness. Since Rogers controls the Canadian… Read More

  • Guys Sues Microsoft Because the Xbox 360 Scratched His Discs

    Guys Sues Microsoft Because the Xbox 360 Scratched His Discs

    Sony’s been in dutch for a while and now it’s Microsoft’s turn. Not only will Redmond cough up $1 billion to repair faulty Xbox 360s, but a guy in Florida is suing the company because, in his opinion, the 360 needlessly scratches his game discs. The Floridian, who is seeking class action status, wants $5 million in damages, both punitive and imaginary. The guy’s main… Read More

  • DailyMotion Comes to US, Pays Users

    DailyMotion Comes to US, Pays Users

    Paris based DailyMotion has always been available in the US, but today they’re launching a US based operation headed up by Joy Marcus, former senior vice president of global marketing at Time Warner. Dailymotion is one of the largest social video sites jockying for the distant second position after YouTube, with 4.7 million unique streamers in April (YouTube did 53.5 in March) according… Read More

  • New Thinkpads Due Out This Month

    New Thinkpads Due Out This Month

    Today Lenovo announced their newest laptop, the ThinkPad T61p. Touted as Lenovo’s highest-performing and greenest notebook, this 15.4-inch widescreen mobile workstation is Linux-certified, features an 802.11n connection, NVIDIA’s Quatro FX chipset, and optional Ultra-Wideband wireless. The ThinkPad T61p raises the bar on performance with Lenovo’s Ultra Connect II wireless… Read More

  • Nerds Rejoice: DC Comics Wants You

    Nerds Rejoice: DC Comics Wants You

    Just in time for the San Diego Comic-Con, DC is starting up a new comic website, Zuda Comics, to search for and buy the greatest web comics. Artists are able to submit up to an eight panel comic to be judged by DC’s band of editors. It’s similar to the comic creator community DrunkDuck, but is higher profile, and pays its users. The editorial panel will consist of Ron Perazza… Read More

  • NES Controller Turned SLVR Case

    NES Controller Turned SLVR Case

    Yeah. Chicks are gonna love it. Old school NES controllers can take a beating. I remember playing the living hell out of Contra and Super C trying to beat them for hours on end, only to find myself throwing an NES controller as hard as I could on the floor. Seems this gentleman with the goofy burger hat had the same revelation and decided to turn the obsolete controller into a sturdy… Read More

  • Vodafone To Offer Encrypted SMS

    Vodafone To Offer Encrypted SMS

    Our paranoid UK readers who rock 128-bit encryption on every file will be happy to know that Vodafone UK will be bringing encryption to text messages. The company recently announced plans to bring an encrypted SMS service to customers. Partnering with Broca, Vodafone will use Broca’s SAMS technology to ensure that all messages are encrypted. No word yet on what kind of encryption will… Read More

  • First Killzone 2 Screenshot Appears!

    First Killzone 2 Screenshot Appears!

    Kill the Helghast! Well what do you know. After years of waiting for more info/media on the highly-anticipated Killzone 2, a lone screenshot appeared today in USA Today. Though it’s dark and doesn’t showcase much, the graphics and lighting look absolutely incredible. Don’t believe they’re that hot? Hit the jump for a quick side-by-side comparison of the original… Read More

  • Belkin Now Shipping Draft-N ExpressCard

    Belkin Now Shipping Draft-N ExpressCard

    Though 802.11n isn’t the standard wireless protocol, more and more manufacturers of wireless products are hopping on the draft-N bandwagon every day. Belkin enters the fray with a new ExpressCard 34 offering. The N1 Draft-N ExpressCard allows for a user to connect to the Internet at speeds up to 300mbps, provided they’re using an 802.11n router as well. You won’t have a… Read More

  • HTC Omni Definitely Not Omnipotent

    HTC Omni Definitely Not Omnipotent

    The HTC Touch has been on the market for a couple months now, so it’s no surprise that details of the latest HTC device is circulating the Interwebs. The Omni’s form-factor is reminiscent of a Nintendo DS, but it packs oodles of extras that might entice you to hold off on making a mobile phone purchase in the coming months. It has a touch-screen, 3.1-megapixel camera with LED… Read More

  • iRiver Clix 2 Gets Bumped to 8GB

    iRiver Clix 2 Gets Bumped to 8GB

    Fans of the iRiver Clix series of flash-based digital audio players will be pleased to hear that they’re planning on shipping an 8GB model due this August. The beefed-up version will be identical to the second generation Clix, save for red trim around the player and double the storage capacity. The Clix 2 features a 2.2-inch AMOLED display, battery life good for 24 hours of audio or 5… Read More

  • 80GB Playstation 3 Won't Have Emotion Engine

    80GB Playstation 3 Won't Have Emotion Engine

    Say goodbye to all those games you bought for PS2 With cost cutting measures going into effect at Sony, it makes sense for the console manufacturer to remove the Emotion Engine chip inside the PS3. But what does it mean for you? Essentially, that Emotion Engine chip is a PS2/PS1 on a chip. Take it out and use a software emulation solution instead and you’ll find that half your older… Read More

  • InFocus Introduces Fresh 1080p DLP Projector

    Just dropped $500 on that fancy Blu-ray player and want to get the most out of it? Try out the InFocus Play Big IN82 projector and see if it holds up to your high standards. This $5500 bad boy uses a single DarkChip3 processor to achieve native 1080p playback with Blu-ray and HD DVD. Throw in HDMI 1.3 and you have yourself one hell of a home theater. What makes the IN82 shine though is the… Read More

  • Ring: The Alarm Clock You Wear

    Ring: The Alarm Clock You Wear

    Another day, another made up Yanko Design product. This time, we inspect a new design concept for an alarm clock called Ring. Ring consists of two elastic, vibrating rings that charge on an alarm clock dock. You set the time you want to wake up to each ring and then let them charge. Once charged, throw one on before you pass out and you’ll be awoken in a whole new way. Each ring… Read More