• iPhone Lego live

    iPhone Lego appears to be ready to rock and from the soundtrack on this video, enjoys a spicy salsa beat. [Thanks, Orli] Read More

  • Setanta Sports no longer offered on ITVN IPTV service: Trouble ahead?

    [photopress:itvnset.jpg,full,center] These are tough times for IPTV service ITVN. The subscription-based service, which offered hundreds of average to above average quality channels (like 600K streams… think really good Internet streaming) to its subscribers, will no longer be offering Setanta Sports starting next month. Setanta Sports, an Irish corp, broadcasts “other”… Read More

  • Nike+Sportsband now official: Like Nike+iPod, just without the iPod

    [photopress:nikesportsband.jpg,full,center] Nike will release a stand-alone device in April that’s similar to the Nike+iPod deal, confirming earlier rumors. Nike has named it the SportsBand and it’ll accomplish all the tasks that Nike+iPod does, like keeping track of distance covered, velocity, etc. It’s not going to replace Nike+iPod outright, as the original rumors… Read More

  • Run Windows apps in Linux in their own windows!

    Virtualbox is a Linux app that lets you run Windows applications in their own windows under almost any version of Linux (they’re using Gutsy Gibbon). The full instructions are over at Lifehacker and it only works with XP, but that shouldn’t stop you from running notepad. Run Windows Apps Seamlessly Inside Linux [Lifehacker] Read More

  • Terabyte HDD roundup finds latest Samsung best all-around

    [photopress:teradome.jpg,full,center] ExtremeTech added two new 1TB hard drives to its terabyte HDD roundup, the Hitachi A7K1000 (around $350) and the Samsung HD103UJ (around $260). No, those numbers mean nothing to me, either. The long and short of it is that the Samsung drive represents the best value of the bunch, coming in at the lowest price of all seven (ET had tested five before these… Read More

  • The sexual revolution will be technologized

    Apparently the history of current sexuality ties directly with the rise of popular consumer technology. Whoda thunk it [Link NSFW]? In his book, America Unzipped, Brian Alexander points out that Americans are not really prudes and that we use Craigslist, toys, and Internet porn more than our holier-than-thou pundits, politicians, and pastors care to admit. One important point: “I think… Read More

  • System alerts you when the milk has gone bad

    [photopress:badmilk.jpg,full,right] Scientists have developed a system that detects whether or not milk has gone sour. The system’s made up of two parts, a small metal ribbon that’s placed inside milk containers and an in-store detector. The detector is actually a magnetic field that causes the ribbon to vibrate. If it vibrates too slowly, then you can bet that the milk has gone… Read More

  • No Blu-Ray drives in Macs means Stevie is plotting

    Cringely, in one of his long, drawn-out think pieces, explores the reasoning behind Apple’s failure to add Blu-Ray drives to their laptop and desktop line. His theory? Steve is holding out for HD streaming/downloads via iTunes rather than ceding the HD ground to plastic discs. I tend to agree: this is the last physical format you will ever buy. There will be others available… Read More

  • Jedi buy land, found micronation on the moon

    Flickr’d A bunch of Welsh Jedi—no comment—have bought a plot of land on the moon for the purpose of training new members of their Galactic Church. The land, purchased from “an official moon real estate seller” (me, actually) has already been incorporated into a micronation, sorta like Sealand, which ThePirateBay tried to buy… Read More

  • Japanese ISPs To Ban File Sharers

    Japan has decided to beat France and the United Kingdom (both who have similar proposals) to become the first country to ban file sharers from the internet. Oddly the agreement to do so has not come from the Japanese Government, but from Japan’s four internet service provider organizations after pressure (not surprisingly) from the record and movie industries. According to Torrent Freak… Read More

  • Google generated more ad revenue growth than top 3 online competitors, all offline media in 2007

    [photopress:goog2007ads.jpg,full,center] Google not only generated more ad dollars in 2007 than all other online firms, it generated more ad dollars than all other firms, online or off. AlleyInsider crunched the numbers, as they do, and found that Google generated twice as much revenue as Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL combined. Fellow CRUNCH writer Erick Schonfeld fired up Excel and made some… Read More

  • noBounds: Show mobile content at full HD on larger screens

    noBounds! – blast Smartphones display bounds! from Bernd Steinke on Vimeo. NoBounds is a new project by Nokia which allows you to stream full HD video at 30 fps from mobiles to televisions. It also enables mouse and keyboard interactions with your tiny, sassy cellphone. Smartphones have a tiny display, since they need to be pocketable. PCs and Notebook do not suffer from this… Read More

  • Stealing social network passwords with MITM attacks

    [photopress:cainabel.jpg,full,center] Stealing passwords on a LAN is trivial. This linked video (you can’t embed it anywhere, so you’ll have to actually visit the site to see it), which is something like a year old, shows how Windows users can get in on the fun using Cain & Abel. I bring this up because if social networks are supposed to be the next big thing (which is what… Read More

  • Console sales stats: 360 lags, PSP brings up the rear

    Drum roll, please! The DS and Wii accounted for almost half of all sales, then Sony’s black boxes took the next two spots. Considering you’ve got GTA IV and Metal Gear Solid IV coming out in the next few months, it’s not much of a surprise that the PS3 is thumping the 360, which came in 5th. The PSP actually has pretty strong sales, which I didn’t expect. Anyhow… Read More

  • Songkick Launches "Alexa For Bands"

    London based Songkick, a Y Combinator startup that launched in October 2007, aims to help music artists pack fans into concerts. They’ve been developing a number of new products that are slated for launch soon. But one that they quietly launched last week without much fanfare is something they refer to simply as “Battle of the Bands.” It’s a sort of Alexa or Compete… Read More

  • IOGEAR fined for germ-free claims

    Bloops! The EPA has fined IOGEAR $208,000 for claiming their mice controlled germs. Their crime? “Unsubstantiated public health claims regarding unregistered products, and their ability to control germs and pathogens.” So that’s why I got all those cold sores! IOGEAR Fined $208,000 By EPA For Germ-Free Mice Claims Read More

  • Natural Radio: Control volume, frequency with rocks

    [photopress:natrad1.jpg,full,center] Users control the station frequency and volume of the Natural Radio by placing stones on either side on the center diving line. Inside the radio is a scale that calculates the amount of weight on each side. It’s this weight that controls frequency and volume. Say, for example, 1oz gives you 92.3FM, 2oz gives you 102.7FM, etc. (Obviosuly I just… Read More

  • Juvenalia: POSDT and BigWideLogic

    Not that anyone particularly cares, but I recently dug up some work I did way back in 1991 when I was a Bishop Watterson High School sophomore. As a quiet, friendless nerd (except for my equally quiet, friendless friend Rick), I was fascinated by UNIX and found a book at the library that basically showed you how to write all of the UNIX commands (ls, cd, etc.) under DOS. There was another… Read More

  • So That's What The EU Does With All That Microsoft Money

    Now I get it – The EU takes money from the Microsoft ATM with one hand, and then invests it in a sure-to-fail “Google Killer” with the other. €99 million to Thomson and 22 other European companies to create Quaero, a multimedia search engine (Danny Sullivan notes Thomson was already in this business and then sold it off). This is on top of €120 million approved last year… Read More

  • Manhunt 2 now approved for sale in the UK

    [photopress:manhunt2aok.jpg,full,center] Manhunt 2 has finally been approved for sale in the UK. Normally I wouldn’t care, but we’ve been following this story since the summer, so this is more cathartic than anything else. Rockstar, the game’s developer, had twice submitted the game to a British rating agency. After the second submission, the game was sent to an appeals… Read More

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