• Leapfrog's Crammer PMP+studying device for the kiddos

    [photopress:Crammer_product_shot.jpg,full,center] Johnson, Joel Johnson has an exclusive over at Gadgets, Boing Boing Gadgets on a new Leapfrog portable media player player that doubles as a cramming (studying) device. Named the Crammer, this $60, 1GB player only plays Ogg Vorbis files, presumably to avoid the licensing costs associated with MP3 playback. (Maybe it’ll transcode MP3s… Read More

  • The UADA: Biggest Facebook App Co. or Marketing Scam?

    There is something fishy going on at Adonomics, the site that keeps statistics on the most popular Facebook applications. On its home page it lists the “Top 40 App Companies” as measured by how many times each company’s applications have been installed on Facebook. This is a useful list because it provides a snapshot of which Facebook app developers are doing the best by… Read More

  • OpenAds: How to burn $20m on a clown logo

    So, you have $20.5 million in funding from some of the biggest VCs on the planet. What do you do next? Roll out a great new product? Expand internationally? Hire a new fire-cracker CEO? No, you re-brand… for the sixth time. London-based OpenAds, the commercial open-source online ad server firm has changed its name yet again to OpenX. Apparently this is part of a “plan to move with… Read More

  • Concept: Solar-powered OLED blinds for your room

    Seems like a pretty good idea: these student-designed shutters have solar cells on once side and a nice, bright OLED display on the other. In the day they charge and you can let the light in, but at night you close the blinds and you can use them as picture frames, a light show, or conceivably even your computer’s monitor. Makes good use of an otherwise-unused area of a room, and… Read More

  • Sony NV-U73T, NV-U83T GPS devices up for pre-order

    If you’re looking for something new to put in your car that’ll give you yet another reason to drive slowly and erratically while you get your greasy fingerprints all over it, might I suggest either the Sony NV-U83T at $400 or the Sony NV-U73T at $300? Read More

  • Dead iPod song

    A song about dead iPods featuring iJustine, who is apparently some sort of “elebrity.” Remember the folded card trick, kids. Don’t listen to these fools. Read More

  • Safari HD, get it now for your Apple TV

    Looks like you can now get Safari going on your SSH-enabled Apple TV with nothing more than a couple clicks. I’m not sure I want to be on the web in such a weird way, but it’s nice that it’s available; that’s one more reason to get one these little suckers. So when are they going to bring multitouch to my clicker? Safari HD is now available [Apple TV Hacks] Read More

  • Samsung ACE released: Like the Blackjack only with a SIM card… wait

    Not content to corner the market in world-changing Nextel phones, Sprint has got its greasy paws on the Samsung ACE, a rebranded — and improved — Blackjack with EV-DO and a separate SIM card slot for world support. The phone runs Windows Mobile 6 and has a 2.3-inch color screen and QWERTY keyboard. Interestingly enough, during testing in Barcelona we discovered that the ACE… Read More

  • Rad: Temp tattoo your to-dos on your hand

    [photopress:to_do_tattoo.jpg,full,center] So this isn’t really technology, but it’s a really geeky way to keep your to-do handy, if you’ll pardon the pun, which I hope you will. You write your list on a special piece of paper-like material and then transfer the text to your hand, just like some sort of tattoo you’d get in CrackerJacks. I’m sure somewhere… Read More

  • Movie mode for DSLRs may soon be possible

    DSLR users are getting pretty spoiled. Image quality is off the chart, the range of lenses and bodies is great, and they’re just plain fun to use. And the Live View function has eliminated the objection that there is no LCD viewfinder. The last hurdle now is making movies – and some guy named Hiroshi Terada is looking to tackle that one. The problem has been that the mirror… Read More

  • Guitar Hero: Aerosmith to feature drums and vocals?

    If only there were a game like Guitar Hero where you could also play drums and sing instead of just playing the guitar parts. They could call it something like oh, I don’t know, Band of Rockers or Rock Guys Rocking Together or Making the Band or Hey, Come Over After School And We’ll Jam In My Basement With The New Gibson Epiphone My Dad Bought Me After I Found Out He’s… Read More

  • First Look: Kluster's Market Approach to Crowdsourcing

    Crowdsourcing may work for Wikipedia, but few commercial companies have figured out how to make it work for them. The basic concept is to get outsiders, preferably customers, to swarm together to design a product or complete some other project. Crowdsourcing is quickly becoming a crowded field—there’s Innocentive, Cambrian House, the soon-to-launch CrowdSpirit, and Ideablob, to… Read More

  • Microsoft planning a Blu-Ray Xbox 360 – crazy talk?

    That eminently creditable source, “insiders at Microsoft,” has suggested that the fan-favorite Redmond company is working on a Blu-Ray flavor of the 360. Sony says they’d love to “welcome Microsoft to the Blu-Ray stable,” which has uncomfortable connotations and implies a pimp-like status for Sony. Well, maybe they have the right after Toshiba did its thing the… Read More

  • TV Phones Reach 20 Million Mark in Japan

    Cell Phones compatible with Japan’s mobile digital TV service have reached the 20 million mark in less than two years since the launch of the service. The Telecommunications Carriers Association said that the 20 million mark was reached in December of 2007, thanks to the shipment of over 1 million handsets during the month. OneSeg, the digital TV service launched on April 1, 2006, delivers… Read More

  • Nano-fibers may Power Handsets in the Future

    One day your clothing could power or help to power your handset. Researchers have created a nano-fiber that catches energy from movement making it possible to route that energy for practical uses. The fibers use the same mechanical principle as a self-winding watch but on a scale measured in billionths of a meter. Nano-generators are able to use energy from sound waves, vibrations and even… Read More

  • Chinese Government May Be Concerned About Microsoft's Takeover of Yahoo

    An interesting report from Reuters/ eWeek suggests the Chinese Government may be concerned about Microsoft, a firm that uses “monopolistic tactics” buying Yahoo, which will mean Microsoft will become the biggest shareholder in Alibaba, one of China’s biggest internet firms. According to the report Alibaba “will seek a stronger voice for its management team in… Read More

  • YouNoodle Thinks AI Can Predict Startup Success

    We cover a lot of startups here at TechCrunch, but I don’t recall ever having covered a startup that thinks it can use artificial intelligence to predict whether other startups will be successful. YouNoodle promises to do just that. The site opens to the public today, and they chose the NY Times to pitch their product: Kirill Makharinsky, 21, and Bob Goodson, 27, call their software… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Graveside Tribute Edition

    It’s official: Blu-ray wins
    Guitar Hero Carabiner: Take Guitar Hero with you wherever
    Name this SpinVox guy with a block for a head
    DLO lays an egg with new iPhone, iPod Touch speakers
    SD card readers for gauche Japanese girls make me want to vom
    iWave Cube: the littlest microwave that could Read More

  • Contest: Worst. Valentine's. Ever.

    Now that the worst Hallmark holiday has passed us it’s time for a contest! Once again, TeleNav has been generous enough to give the lucky winner three free months of service. So how do you win? It’s pretty easy, really. Tell us over at BFF your worst Valentine’s Day horror story – getting lost on the way to your date, being stuck in traffic, not knowing where the… Read More

  • Who Bought Rupture?

    We knew something was up when Shawn Fanning’s startup Rupture, an unlaunched social network around gaming, delayed and delayed their launch. Well, it turns out, say multiple sources, that Rupture was able to do what Parakey pulled off in 2007. Get acquired before launching, that is. We’re shaking trees to find out the buyer and size of the transaction. But Fanning, who founded… Read More

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