• Daily Crunch: Hip Pad Edition

    Daily Crunch: Hip Pad Edition

    Bag Week Reviews: Timbuk2 Extra Credit Messenger Review: Orb Home Theater Speakers The Google Store, Now With A Fresh Supply Of Android Merchandise Just a Dr. Marten Limited Edition USB Drive Bag Week Review Blitz, Back To School Edition Read More

  • The Google Wave That Crashed

    The Google Wave That Crashed

    When I first heard the news that Google Wave was dead last week, I was surprised. I wasn't surprised because it was a thriving, successful product (obviously, it wasn't). I was surprised because of the gushing I heard about it from within Google leading up to and immediately following its introduction. To hear them tell it, this was the future. So I was obviously surprised that they only gave the… Read More

  • Cousin Of Actor Playing Zuckerberg in Facebook Movie Works At Facebook

    Cousin Of Actor Playing Zuckerberg in Facebook Movie Works At Facebook

    Meet Eric Fisher, Product Designer at Facebook and Design Advisor at local search site Milo. Fisher also has the notable and somewhat awkward designation of being the first cousin of Jesse Eisenberg, the actor who plays his boss Mark Zuckerberg in the upcoming Aaron Sorkin movie The Social Network. Fisher, who has been at Facebook since February, says he and Eisenberg are pretty close and very… Read More

  • Video Appears To Show Unreleased Samsung NX-100

    Video Appears To Show Unreleased Samsung NX-100

    You may remember Samsung’s NX-10, a DSLR released during CES. There have been rumors floating around of a related camera, the NX100, but nobody has ever seen one except in one random shot, taken during what is presumed to be a commercial for the camera. But now, it appears that at the end of this little National Geographic/Samsung ad, there’s an NX-100 sitting there on the right. The… Read More