With New Auto-Import Itinerary Feature For Gmail, TripIt Just Got Easier To Use

Just when you thoughtTripIt couldn’t get any easier to use, the startup has defied the impossible. The nifty site that creates customized travel itineraries from travel confirmation emails, is launching an auto-import feature for Gmail and Google Apps that will automatically read and import your travel emails to create and update itineraries on TripIt.

The feature essentially replaces needing to forward confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com. If you have a TripIt account you can register your Gmail or Google Apps account for the auto-import feature, allowing TripIt to automatically import your travel confirmation emails to create itineraries. The feature works across TripIt’s web platform and the startup’s apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phones.

TripIt assures that the company only looks for travel-related emails in users accounts and nothing else. The parsing technology being used to scan emails is the same technology TripIt uses to extract information from travel confirmation emails and populate tis information into itineraries.

TripIt’s president and co-founder Gregg Brockway says that the new feature represents one more step in making the startup an effortless resource for travelers. And Brockway says that TripIt will be incorporating the tool with other email platforms in the near future. While it may be minute compared to other functionality enhancements, the auto-import feature only reinforces how awesome TripIt is for organizing travel plans.