• Topix Agrees To Drop "Priority Fees" For Reviewing Inappropriate Content

    The state Attorneys General are busy today. In addition to the Washington AG hitting up Intelius with a fine and injunction for its years-long post transaction marketing scams, the Attorneys General from thirty three states, plus the AG Guam and the AG of the Northern Mariana Islands (wherever that is) have entered into an agreement with Topix to stop their $20 fee for expedited review of… Read More

  • Wii Milestone: 30 Million Sold

    Nintendo just announced that they sold 30 million Wiis – that’s one Wii for every unemployed American as of last February or, if you’re a little more chipper, one for every Facebook user in the world. Read More

  • Washington Attorney General Hits Intelius With Fine, Injunctions

    Well, it’s official. The Washington Attorney General is one of the first government entities to do more than yell about post transaction marketing scams like the ones we’ve been writing about at Intelius for years now. A Consent Decree filed in the King County Superior Court in Washington requires the payment of $1.3 million in fines by Intelius. And they’re also restricted… Read More

  • Mobile music platform Gigaboxx opens beta, enables artists to sell direct to fans

    Gigaboxx, the mobile music download platform targeting artists and record companies who want to set up shop to sell direct to fans, has opened in public beta. The UK service, which was first outed in April at GeeknRolla, has a particular emphasis on live events – hence the mobile component – offering artists a “suite of marketing tools”, including their own store URL… Read More

  • Can The iPhone Get You Laid?

    Yes, OKCupid’s data confirms our suspicions, iPhone users do “do it” more, at a rate of about 2x Android users. Perhaps this is because the Android has an easily accessible “Porn Store”? Presumably iPhone users are better at getting their kicks in real life. But the chart still leaves the greatest question of our time unanswered, “Do attractive people buy… Read More

  • "Braawrglrrlgrr!" Means "I Like This Coat" in Wookie

    Adidas Originals, makers of the Star Wars kicks, is about to drop some Kashyyk on you and yours. The Wookiee coat features a furry hood, a Wookie belt (what did he have in there anyway?) and a quilted outer shell. Read More

  • Bag Week Reviews: Cocoon Central Park Profession

    Short version: Just a simple backpack with clever styling and average material quality. I’d like the bag if it fit right. Read More

  • LearnBoost Launches Online Grading Platform, Hits 1K Users On GitHub

    Grade management service LearnBoost, which recently received $975,000 in seed funding, made its first product available to the public today. Now, using LearnBoost’s free teacher gradebook and lesson plan software, teachers can manage their entire classroom with one account instead of having to have a separate lesson plan software account, an account for Google calendars… Read More

  • Private buying club Tagadas wants to be a Vente-Privee for parents

    Tagadas is a newly launched private buying club in the UK. Only unlike the more general designer offerings of Vente-Privee, Brands4friends and their various competitors, the London-based startup is attacking a more specific vertical: baby and children’s products from brands such as French Connection and Minihaha. It could also be seen as a British version of US-based Zulily.com, a… Read More

  • The Top Ten Apps To Make You More Green

    There’s an app for being green, and by an app, I mean a slew of apps. These iPhone apps range from offering general sustainability tips and games to store and product directories. A lot of green apps focus on offering general tips for everyday actions you can take to help make a difference, which really doesn’t take advantage of the iPhone’s capabilities. Below are the top… Read More

  • The 50-inch Samsung PN50C490 Offers 3D For Less Than A Grand

    Ready or not, 3D technology is quickly hitting more and more TVs. Soon it will be a standard feature on most mid-tier sets and no longer considered just for early adaptors. Nevermind the fact there’s virtually nothing to watch outside of random sporting events. Samsung’s latest, the PN50C490, drops the technology to the sub-$1000 price-point with an $989 price. The only sacrifice… Read More

  • Twitpic Founder Announces Stealth 'Communications' Startup Heello

    Noah Everett, the founder of Twitter photo sharing site Twitpic has launched a new site today, called Heello. Details are sparse on the startup, which draws its name from the greeting ‘Hello,’ but according to a blog post on the new site, the site aims to “make communication easier.” The post says that Heello will be launching a series of products around this goal soon. Read More

  • Sprint to release webOS 1.4.5 later today?

    High fives for the guys over at PreCentral, who used their eagle eyes to spot this changelog. What’s that you say? There hasn’t been an update, so there shouldn’t be a changelog? Exactly. Read More

  • "A Series Of Tubes" Pays Tribute To Former Senator Ted Stevens

    "A Series Of Tubes" Pays Tribute To Former Senator Ted Stevens

    In an odd bit of timing, news is breaking that former United States Senator Ted Stevens was on board a plane that crashed in his native Alaska last night. A former aide stated earlier that Stevens passed away in the crash, but Stevens’ family has yet to comment. Stevens was the longest-serving Republican Senator in history, serving from 1968 until 2009. He was known for a number of… Read More

  • Guest post: Cleaning up privacy for a Facebook generation

    This is a guest post by Julian Ranger (@rangerj) an Angel investor and founder of Surrey, UK-based innovation hub iBundle. Current iBundle projects include Raffle.it. SocialSafe, mifiction and DAD. Julian has been an investor since 2007. Previously he was founder and Managing Director of STASYS Ltd, which he sold to Lockheed Martin in 2005. Privacy is something we jealously guard in real life. Read More

  • The $88,000 Home Theater In A Box From JBL Synthesis And Mark Levinson

    HTiB systems aren’t generally something to be proud of. They’re usually sub-par components from mainstream CE companies that carry massive profit margins for both the retailer and manufacturer. But this system from JBL Synthesis and Mark Levinson is a bit different — at least concerning the sub-par components part. The Synthesis One Array ML Premier is just about as good as… Read More

  • Brainy Bike Will Tweet Its Feelings

    Meet Precious. Precious will ride from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Tweeting his stats along the way and making assessments over time including comments on the weather, hilliness of the terrain, and speed. Why? Because it can. You can follow the old boy over here and he and his riders are raising money for Livestrong. You can donate here. Read More

  • Netflix Lands Streaming Deal With Paramount, MGM & Lionsgate

    You’ll soon be able to watch “Dinner for Schmucks” via Netflix instant streaming. The company inked a deal with Epix, a new pay TV channel, for the rights to Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate movies. The deal cost Netflix $1 billion. That’s quite a bit of money, yes. Read More

  • Disqus Rolls Out Improved Global Profiles, Community Box, And More

    Online comment platform Disqus, which lets you use a single profile across some 500,000 sites across the web, is launching some key new social features today. The first change concerns Disqus’s global user profiles, which let you get an at-a-glance view of a user’s recent comments. These are good for figuring out who someone is and to gauge the quality of their contributions… Read More

  • Linux Foundation launches Open Compliance Program

    Open source software has many benefits, but one of the greatest is the ability to not reinvent the wheel. By sharing solutions, the open source community is able to develop great software quickly and effectively. Although open source software usually stands alone, on ideological grounds, you can easily find examples of open source software in a great number of successful proprietary… Read More

  • Nanosys Raises $25 Million, Lights Up Deal With Samsung

    Nanosys announced a $25 million Series E round today, as well as an alliance with Samsung to co-develop thin film solar panels, memory products and display technologies. The funding will allow Palo Alto-based Nanosys to move to a larger manufacturing space to produce its digital display and lighting nanotechnology. Read More

  • Gmail Revamps Its Contacts Area To Be More Like Gmail. Which Is To Say, Good

    Gmail Revamps Its Contacts Area To Be More Like Gmail. Which Is To Say, Good

    Gmail is a great product; easily one of my favorites on the web. But it has an Achilles heel — well, actually it’s more like a bum leg: Contacts. Despite a solid contact area being a vital part of pretty much every email and productivity service, Gmail’s is awful. Or, it was awful. Today it’s getting a lot better. Starting today, Google is rolling out its latest version… Read More

  • Crazy Cathode iPad TV Takes Us From Science Fiction To Reality

    When we stop for a moment and look around, it’s easy to see that we are living in the future – today. I can remember watching Captain Picard of the Enterprise playing around with a small touch screen device, kind of like an iPad. Today, most all of us have a similar touch device, whether iPad or mobile phone. Read More

  • Waze Introduces Digital Caravans For Commuters And Personal Gaming

    If you commute to work every day, chances are you’re not alone. There are people all around you on the road doing the same thing. And some may be even going to the same place. But when you’re each in your own vehicle, you obviously can’t communicate and interact. Social mapmaking tool Waze is trying to help with that. A new feature in their Waze 2.0 release is that you can… Read More

  • Playspan To Power Payments In Sanrio's Social Game Hello Kitty Online

    Playspan has scored a number of high profile deals to power micropayments for social networks, game developers, media companies and gaming platforms. Today, Playspan is announcing that it will be deploying its payments platform on Sanrio Digital’s social game Hello Kitty Online. Hello Kitty Online, which is in private beta, is the official massively multiplayer online game (MMOG)… Read More

  • The Handheld WikiReader Device Now Supports 15 Languages

    While the WikiReader might seem like a bit redundant to the smartphone crowd, but it’s no doubt an invaluable tool to those without Internet access — or the Luddite crowd. The self-contained device contains more than 3 million Wikipedia entries and was just updated to include 15 languages. The International, 8GB version carries a $99 pricetag and is available from both Amazon… Read More

  • Google Speculation Brought A Smile To Gowalla CEO's Face [Video]

    For those placing bets on which startup Google will buy next in its impressive social shopping spree (Jambool, Slide, etc.), you might want to lower your wager on Gowalla, at least for now. According to founder, CEO Josh Williams, Google has yet to initiate takeover talks with the the location based service— although, he says reading the market speculation “made me smile just a… Read More

  • Korean Police Confiscate Google Street View Data As Global Fiasco Spreads

    Google cannot contain its legal problems surrounding the inadvertent collection of personal data from WiFi networks by ots global fleet of Street View cars. Earlier today, police in South Korea raided Google’s offices there to confiscate computers storing data collected from Street View cars in that country. This action follows similar investigations in France, Germany, the UK… Read More

  • Toshiba's Wipe Technology Scrambles Self-Encrypting Disk Drives When The Power Is Cut

    A step forward in data security: Toshiba today announced what it claims to be the world’s first technology that makes it possible to automatically wipe sensitive data from self-encrypting drives when a system is powered down or the HDD is removed from the system. Dubbed Wipe, the solution automatically invalidates the security key that was used to encrypt the stored user data. Read More

  • Bag Week Reviews: Saddleback Leather Briefcase

    Short Version: Let’s kick this bag review week up a notch into the luxury bag market. Saddleback Leather specializes in bags made of real, well, saddle leather. It’s a full quarter-inch thick, carefully cut and stitched, and is heavy as the dickens. However, I’m pleased to report that this is one of the nicest laptop bags I’ve used. Read More