Bag Week Reviews: Ogio Epic Backpack

Short version: The perfect backpack for gadgets? Possibly.


  • Side entry notebook pocket for up to 17-inch notebooks
  • Top-mounted, fleece-lined camera pocket
  • Water bottle holder
  • Ventilated rear panel
  • $109 MSRP
  • Product page


  • More pockets than you could use
  • Very comfortable
  • Love the top-mounted camera pocket
  • Great price


  • None I can find

    As I proclaimed in the Street City Corp review, I love Ogio bags, but this backpack is something else. I absolutely adore it. It’s nearly perfectly designed for gadget freaks. There’s a pocket for everything — but not the the point of craziness.

    Take the top-mounted camera pocket: it’s lined with fleece and is just the right size for my Nikon D40 with a good size lens. No longer does it need to chill in the same big pocket as random gadgets and sharp objects as it has its own little convenient space. Up top, there’s two smaller similar pockets flanking the top-mounted handle. Probably for cell phones, wallets and media players or whatever.

    Having these quick-access pockets frees up the rest of the bag for actual storage as the other pockets handle items often-used items.

    Take the front part of the bag. There’s really three layers to it with the very front pocket designed for charges and batteries in a zippered pocket. Directly behind that is an open pocket, which Ogio says is for airline tickets. Then there’s standard organization panel with pen holders, a few little pockets, and a key holder.

    All of these pockets are cleverly labeled, too. Ogio does this on most of their bags and while I initially found the little labels insulting and somewhat comical, but they’re there for a purpose. It’s actually like the bag’s engineer is there, pointing out how he intended owners to use the pockets. Fine with me.

    The rest of the bag’s storage is pretty standard. There’s a large top-opening section, no doubt for magazines, books, and papers. Then, behind that, there’s a side-opening padded notebook section.

    I should mention that the bag’s comfy to wear. It rides well and the three-section padded back panel helps with back sweat. But that’s to be expected. As soon as you pick up the bag, you know by the feel of the construction that everything is going to be top-notch including fit and form. That’s a common theme among Ogio bags.

    Seriously, if you travel with the insane amount of gadgets I do, buy this backpack. It’s clearly designed to fit within that lifestyle. Plus, it looks great. Highly recommended.

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