B2B vs. B2C is not about who’s buying, but how you’re selling

B2B and B2C, while believed to be stark opposites in many ways, are not purely categories of audiences.

Any growth is good, but sustainable growth is the key to success

What worked for PayPal is a good example of how your startup can start looking for its best routes to market, too.

Solana Mobile still has a long way to go until it hits breakeven

If Solana Mobile’s devices have 100,000 users, Yakovenko views that user base as a stronger distribution channel for dApps than through traditional app stores like Google or Apple.

The goal of a startup is to cease existing

The whole point of a startup is to build something enduring.

The Rule of X and how cloud leaders should think about growth versus profit

Assigning equal weight to growth and profitability for late-stage businesses is flawed and has caused misguided business decisions.

Startups must embrace sustainable scaling strategies

Baris Guzel Contributor Share on X Baris Guzel is an engineer with work experience in top-tier investment banking and venture capital. He is a partner at BMW i Ventures, where he has led investments a

Metrics that matter: 3 practical observations on valuation

Paris Heymann Contributor Share on X Paris Heymann is a partner at Index Ventures, where he invests primarily in B2B SaaS and data. More posts by this contributor Vertical AI: The next logical iterati

TC Startup Battlefield master class with Lightspeed Ventures: Use generative AI to supercharge efficiency

Raviraj Jain, partner at Lightspeed Ventures, explains how early-stage startups will be impacted by GenAI, and what to look out for.

TC Startup Battlefield master class with Blumberg Capital: Make the most of your investors’ expertise

David Blumberg, founder and managing partner at Blumberg Ventures, explains how early-stage startups can look to their investors for help with solving problems, scaling, hiring, and strategic planning

Must-have tools modern CFOs need in growth-stage startups

A CFO's tech stack should include tried-and-true methods and embrace innovative tools that streamline financial tasks and support data-driven decision-making.

Why supersize convenience stores might be key to unlocking EV fast charging

We got a glimpse of Buc-ee’s possible future on Thursday when Mercedes announced that it would build around 30 fast-charging hubs at Buc-ee’s locations throughout the South.

Your startup should solve an impossibly hard problem

Most obvious problems that have obvious solutions don’t need startups.

Why Comcast built an accelerator to nurture sports startups

Comcast, a division of NBCUniversal, which broadcasts multiple sports, developed an accelerator to help encourage sports tech startups.

SaaS follow-on rounds see a slowdown, but it won’t last forever

The exit market for SaaS dried up in the second half of 2022, which saw the lowest exit activity since 2016.

Why decided to build its new database instead of buying one

When faced the classic build vs. buy dilemma for a new database, it decided to build one, but with a decided twist.

Was Loom’s $975M exit a fair price?

When Atlassian announced it was buying Loom for $975 million last week, it turns out after close analysis that it was a good deal for all concerned.

Want to detect bad actors? Look on the bright side

Even a company the size of Airbnb, it turns out, doesn't have that much data on rule-breaking behavior.

Three weeks later, investors are still not terribly enthusiastic about the massive Cisco-Splunk deal

Three weeks after the Cisco announced a massive $28B acquisition of Splunk, investors still seem less than enthused about the deal.

TC Startup Battlefield master class with Flourish Ventures: Defining early-stage product-market fit

Flourish Ventures' Emmalyn Shaw explains how early-stage startups can define, test, pivot and successfully figure out their product-market fit.

How our new AI feature earned 5% adoption in its first week

We developed an 'AI as agent' approach and shipped a new AI capability that exploded to 5% adoption in the first week.
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