Use customer health data to grow and forecast NRR

If you’re looking for a data-driven way to build confidence in your modeling with your executive team and board, this is it.

3 ways SaaS businesses can boost revenue in a recession

With the right tools, there’s every opportunity for SaaS businesses to continue growing — even in today’s economy.

Which way is up? The end of free money and the importance of keeping cash on hand

Someone once told me that successful companies each succeed in their own way, but companies all fail the same way: They run out of cash.

If you’re a bootstrapped startup, turn to user-centered design to thrive during adversity

When it comes to user-centered design (UCD), the goal of each design process is the same: create a great product for your end users.

5 methods for leveraging digital advertising during a downturn

For the remainder of 2022 and beyond, the decision is not whether to advertise, but where, how much and how to augment performance.

How to obtain FDA buy-in and unlock more funding for your health tech startup

There are many regulatory organizations that offer credibility and validation to incoming healthcare solutions, but the FDA is the best place to start.

During a recession, look to drive growth through customer retention

New business is critical to growth, but there are no guarantees that a first-time customer will become a lifetime customer.

Track and capture: Getting started with attention metrics

At the heart of all advertising lies the ultimate goal: Cut through the noise and capture a potential consumer's interest.

Get your product and customer success teams on the same page to improve net retention

The "old way" — where you kept product teams hidden away while customer success dealt with delivering bad news — no longer works.

A love letter to micro funds, the backbone and future of venture capital

Micro funds offer an opportunity for LPs and startups in niche categories, small markets or emerging geographies.

SaaS startups that ignored VC advice to cut sales and marketing were better off this year

New data from Capchase found that startups that cut sales and marketing were in worse financial shape in 2022 than those that didn't.

5 sustainable best practices for bootstrapped startups

Don’t for one minute think bootstrapping is a dirty word. Successful bootstrapping shows proof of concept and a sustainable business model.

Preparing for fintech’s second decade: 4 moves your firm must make now

It’s time to start thinking about a long-term strategy to build a compelling set of products, services and perks to face the next decade.

How the FirstBuild product co-creation studio is changing how new things are made

We spoke with André Zdanow, president at FirstBuild, about how the studio is building on the success of its nugget ice maker.

Tips for e-commerce brands that want to win market share this holiday season

Companies will need to be ready to shift their strategy for discounting, inventory planning and ad and marketing spend, all while fending off potential consumer fatigue.

6 key metrics that can help SaaS startups outlast this downturn

There’s no reason for a SaaS company to be flying blind, and the more visibility you have, the better decisions you will make.

6 reasons why you shouldn’t join an accelerator

The best badge of honor is creating a great startup, solving an important problem, having delighted customers, making revenue and scaling.

5 ways biotech startups can mitigate risk to grow sustainably in the long run

Capital is the fuel that advances scientific and technological innovation, but what do you do when the funding suddenly dries up?

5 tips for launching in a crowded web3 gaming market

A good strategy is more important than ever, so here are a few tried-and-tested steps you can take to set yourself and your web3 game apart.

How to combine PLG and enterprise sales to improve your funnel

If a hybrid GTM strategy makes sense for your organization, here are some tips on how to execute it effectively.
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