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Why is Y Combinator so defensive lately?

Y Combinator has been on the defensive as of late. This past weekend, leaders from the popular accelerator were vocal on X (formerly known as Twitter) in their reaction to a comment made by the CEO of

YC says visa challenges hampering participation of international founders

The most recent cohort from Y Combinator features more than 200 startups. More than a record half of the S23 startups focus on AI applications, highlighting a dominant trend we can expect in the comin

A program so nice, these founders did YC twice

Parker Conrad may be best known as the founder of both Zenefits and Rippling, but he is also arguably the best-known founder to have gone through Y Combinator’s accelerator program twice. Of cou

Glass Health is building an AI for suggesting medical diagnoses

While a medical student at UC San Francisco, Dereck Paul grew concerned that innovation in medical software was lagging behind other sectors, like finance and aerospace. He came to believe that patien

Our favorite startups from YC’s Summer 2023 Demo Day, Day 2

The word on everybody's lips was "AI," but there was a number of startups trying to make trucking, and the larger logistics world, work better and faster.

Exposed: A closer look at seed investors’ biases and incentives

Pricing too high at early stage is rife with issues that can plague the company's growth if it doesn't operate to perfection.

Our favorite startups from YC’s Summer 2023 Demo Day, Day 1

What follows are our favorites from the first day’s pitches, listed in no particular order.

5 neat AI startups from Y Combinator’s Summer 2023 batch

It’s that time of year again: the week when startups in Y Combinator’s latest batch present their products for media — and investor — scrutiny. Over the next two days, roughly

Here’s why some investors are sitting out of YC Demo Day

TechCrunch+ heard from 15 VCs about why or why not they are tuning in to YC's Demo Day festivities this week.

Y Combinator-backed Automat turns videos into workflow automations

Lucas Ochoa and Gautam Bose were hired together out of college at Google Creative Lab, Google’s tech and culture incubator, and spent three and a half years launching products like the AI Test K

It doesn’t look like Y Combinator’s summer Demo Day batch will surprise us much

We don't want to shock your system this early on a holiday week, but there aren’t very many web3-focused startups in the upcoming demo day contingent.

Y Combinator removes Indian startup from batch over ‘irregularities’

Storied venture firm Y Combinator has removed an Indian startup from its batch after discovering “irregularities” at the firm, several people familiar with the matter told TechCrunch. Medo

The difference between good and great founders

This is our Wednesday show, in which we sit down with a guest (Anu Hariharan), talk about their work and unpack the rest.

Accel-backed Agave lets construction software talk to one another

A lot of the most popular construction software was developed 20 to 40 years ago and many systems don’t talk to each other. As a result, the information stored in them is fragmented, adding extra wo

Orangewood wants to build a cheap, programmable robotic arm for manufacturing

In late 2017, three entrepreneurs — Abhinav Das, Aditya Bhatia and Akash Bansal — came to the mutual realization that the final steps of building furniture — specifically painting an

Nigeria’s Remedial Health gets QED backing in $12M round

Remedial Health, a Nigerian startup digitizing pharmacies and bringing efficiency to the pharmaceutical value chain, has raised $12 million Series A equity-debt funding to scale operations in the West

Prompt engineering startup Vellum.ai raises $5M as demand for generative AI services scales

The startup helps companies improve their generative AI prompting, and this quick fundraise indicates there's room for more of its ilk.

Y Combinator-backed 0pass seeks to replace passwords in the enterprise

Several years ago, Noah Stanford teamed up with Michael Melone to found 0pass, a startup that aims to make it easier for companies to replace usernames and passwords with biometrics, like Touch ID and

Ballerine brings open source to banks’ risk and identity decision-making

A new startup is launching out of stealth today with $5 million in seed funding as it looks to bring its flavor of open source to risk decision-making software in the finance sector. Ballerine, as the

Are rising seed-stage valuations a poisoned gift for startups?

If seed valuations continue to rise while later-stage prices dip, how long will it be until the climb from seed to Series A sees startups losing value?
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