DIY Mobile Website Creator bMobilized Adds Another $2.5 Million In Series A Funding

<a target="_blank" href="">bMobilized</a>, a New York-based mobile web startup offering small businesses a way to convert their existing websites into HTML5, mobile-optimized

ArmorHub’s Web Security Service Scans For Vulnerabilities & Malware, Works Great For Startups As Well As Your Dad

<a target="_blank" href="">ArmorHub</a> is today launching a web security service targeting startups, small-to-medium sized businesses, and most importantly, the layperson who kno

Now At 25M Users, Wix Brings Third-Party Apps To Its Website Builder With New Marketplace

Hard to believe, but the now-popular Iraeli-American startup, <a target="_blank" href=""></a>, was founded in February 2006 -- back when Tumblr was only a twinkle in David Ka

Hometalk Aims To Be The One-Stop Site For Home Improvement Info

As someone who doesn't know a two-by-four from a 4X4, I usually depend on the Internet for home improvement tips. For example, did you know you're not supposed to flush dental floss? I didn't discover

Going After SMBs, Mobile Website Maker DudaMobile Raises $6M Series B

<a href="">DudaMobile</a>, a company which helps convert existing websites into mobile-optimized versions, has just raised $6 million in Series B funding. The round was led b

Holiday Shopping Wrap-Up: Apple Makes Top Performing E-Commerce Site List, Amazon Excels On Mobile

According to the end-of-season benchmarks from <a href="">Compuware's</a> web performance division, was among the top three best-performing retail websites during th

DudaMobile Makes Your Website Mobile in One Click

DudaMobile just launched a new, self-serve platform that lets existing website owners create a mobile version of their site just by typing in the website's URL. The service, targeted towards small bus

Site Memory: Evernote for Websites

<img src="" />The most popular note type created by Evernote users is a webpage. It seems that people love to save webpages in E

Atari sues German website over review of potentially pirated game

From here. There’s a tactic in the movie industry where a movie is released quietly without press previews. When this happens it’s because the movie is a stinker and they want to put as mu Collates and Snips Product Reviews

Sites like ReviewGist are great for consumers but not so great for gadget bloggers. By collecting a number of reviews and adding on meta-date like price and features, they automatically create collect

Amazon launches SMS store

Need something immediately? Want to check on a price? Text your search term to 262966 (“AMAZON”) and Amazon will hunt down a few items from its online store. Reply and Amazon will call you

Review: SugarSync

[photopress:sugar.jpg,full,pp_image] How often has this happened to you? You’re trapped in the trunk of a Lincoln Continental and the emergency trunk release has been snapped off. You have a doc

We made pR0n better

I never thought about it this way, but it seems we — us bunch of nerds — have slowly changed the porn landscape. Regina Lynn at Wired points out sites like and [fe

Boobik=sexy Twitter?

You know what’s not Web 2.0 enough? Porn. That’s right. Where’s my porno social network? Where’s my Porno Pownce? Where’s my porno Facebook? Well, here’s a porno Tw

Social Networking is made of people!

Cory Doctorow writes a pithy yet readable analysis of Facebook and its ilk, pointing out that these sites bind is us in ways that seem useful but are in fact perfunctory and useless. You’d think

ProductWiki: Your guide to gear works great with CrunchGear

There are a lot of gadgets and consumer electronics we’ve talked about here. In fact, we’re getting close to our 16,500th post. That’s a lot of blogging, but more importantly it&#821

Marvel goes digital

This came from the comic books I did when I was in grade school. Hot, non? Superman, Spiderman, Satan Horse, Green Ant, and my personal favorite — the Charles In Charge Illustrated Graphic Novel

Playboy Launches College-Only Social Networking Site

In order to combat sluggish sales, Playboy has recently launched Playboy U, a social networking site just for college students. Remember when Facebook was just for college students? Well Playboy U is For The Win

Web 2.0 is in full-throttle and it’s becoming increasingly harder to start a great website. Luckily for, they offer a service that any working class person will love. Coupons and di

Time's 50 Best Websites of 2007

Time has just released its list of the best websites of 2007 and the results look good. The most creative and useful websites in existence today are now compiled into an article detailing what makes e
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