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  • More Warner Catalog TV Shows Come To Netflix: Nip/Tuck, Veronica Mars And More

    Warner Bros. and Netflix this morning announced an expansion of the companies’ existing streaming content agreement, adding a slew of catalog TV shows, including drama series “Nip/Tuck,” “Veronica Mars,” “Pushing Daisies” and “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” to those already available to watch instantly at Netflix. Netflix has… Read More

  • Warner Bros. UK offers internship to spy on BitTorrent users

    Warner Bros. UK is offering an internship to “IT literate” students that requires them to spy on fellow file-sharers. The intern will have to maintain accounts on private BitTorrent sites, as well as procure new accounts, in order to supply Warner Bros. UK with information on how that whole “world” works. Not a bad idea from Warner’s perspective. Read More

  • Warner's Strategy Revealed: Close Eyes, Pretend It's 2002

    Warner's Strategy Revealed: Close Eyes, Pretend It's 2002

    When’s the last time you were at a Blockbuster? For me, it’s been a few years. And it’s been several years since I was going regularly. And I was only doing that because the then-Viacom-backed-giant drove the mom and pop video stores out of business in my community. I have no desire to ever step into a Blockbuster store ever again. But Warner Bros. sure wants me to. Today… Read More

  • And now Redbox will have to wait 28 days for new Warner Bros. DVDs

    Warner Bros. has agreed a new deal with Redbox that will give Redbox access to its DVDs, but only 28 days after the retail release. The move is designed to encourage people to actually buy the shiny, new DVDs when they come out. Why is that a problem? Read More

  • Warner Bros. replaces Microsoft as Family Guy sponsor

    The Family Guy-Microsoft story has been tearing this country apart for too long. No more! Seth McFarlane & Co. have found a new sponsor for their Almost Live special, and it’s none other than the movie Sherlock Holmes, which stars Robert Downey, Jr. Read More

  • MovieSD: Japan gets "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" on microSD

    I don’t know why, but microSD seems to suddenly become an alternative for distributing digital content lately, at least in Japan. Two weeks ago, a Japanese entertainment company was the first in the world to start selling digital content on a microSD card (a rock band sold its songs, videos and lyrics on PDF on a profesionally marketed microSD card). Last week, Disney Japan announced it… Read More

  • Latest dev diary for Batman: Arkham Asylum

    So, how messed up are the souls residing in Arkham Asylum? Check out the latest developer diary from the chaps at Rocksteady Studios. Paul Dini also talks about the storyline for this upcoming Eidos/WB title. I played a bit of it at E3 and it’s pretty damn fun. Can’t wait for it to drop on August 25th. Read More

  • Midway's assets sold to Warner Bros. for $33 million

    Troubled Midway has found itself a buyer in Warner Bros. and the movie studio also picked up an additional two dev studios in Chicago and Seattle. A Delaware bankruptcy judge approved the $33 million sale today that includes the rights to Mortal Kombat, Joust, and Spy Hunter. Read More

  • Red2Blu: Swap those HD DVDs for Blu-ray discs from WB

    Well isn’t this a sweet promo from Warner Bros to promote Blu-ray and attempt to eliminate the remaining HD DVD inventory. The trade-in program is a bit weird, though. You don’t actually have to send in the HD DVD disc to get a copy of the same movie on Blu-ray. All WB wants is the original cover sleeve and nothing else. Prices on Blu-ray discs start at $4.95 and go up to $14.95… Read More

  • Collector’s Edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum gets official

    Eidos and Warner Bros have just officially announced the CE of BAA and it’s a tad different than what Gamestop has on their website. Hit the jump to see what $100 will get you this summer. Read More

  • Warner Bros launches on-demand DVD service

    With the massive onslaught of downloadable and/or streaming content from service providers like Netflix, Vudu and Hulu; Hollywood studios are hurting for revenue from DVD sales, but Warner Bros may have an ace in the hole. They’re now offering the WB archive of over 6800 films for a new “made-to-order” service. To date, WB has only released 1200 of those films since entering… Read More