Let's Work Together To Play Portal 2 Early!

<img src="" />What's going on here? Over at a fancy countdown timer just <i>counted down</i>, and now there's

Steam's The Real Deal For PS3 Portal 2

<img src="" /><i>Attention!</i> <a HREF="">Valve</a> has announced exactly how <a HREF="http://ww

New Portal 2 Trailer Shows Off Turret Technology

The one thing I just don’t understand is why they’d fire the whole bullet. What does that even mean?

Valve: We Made Our Own Portal 2 Commercial Because Ad Agencies Are Useless

<img src="" />It's as if <a HREF="">Valve</a> is run by actual people, and not input-output robots

Homefront's Short Campaign Prompts Question: Is The Single-Player FPS A Lost Art?

<img src="" />PSM3, the PlayStation magazine, has reviewed THQ's fancy new shooter <a HREF="

Valve's Steam Guard: Protecting Your Account From Evildoers Since 2011

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Valve</a> has officially announced Steam Guard, which is a new form “u

Steam Gets "Big Picture Mode" For PS3

<img src="" /><a href="">Portal 2</a> may be coming to the <a href="http://www.crunchg

Portal 2 For PS3 Has ‘Complete’ Move Support, Includes Free PC Copy (Update: Valve Says False Alarm)

<img src="" />It's looking more and more like the PS3 version of <a HREF="">Portal 2</a> will

Valve Makes More Money Per Employee Than Google Or Apple

Here’s an interesting figure: Valve makes more money per employee than Google or Apple. While we can easily figure out how much the publicly traded Google and Apple make per employee, estimating

Portal 2 Now Available For Pre-Order

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Valve</a> has released the details surrounding pre-ordering <a HREF

Portal 2 PS3 Edition To Have Cross-Platform Play, Other Steam Features

<img src="" />Nice, it looks like the <a HREF="">PS3</a> version of <a HREF="http://www.crunchgear.

Video: Here's A New Portal 2 Trailer For You

<img src="" />Presenting… a new trailer of Valve's <a HREF="">Portal 2!</a> You know you love

Portal 2 Delayed In Shortest Delay In Valve History

<img src="" />Valve knows that they're notorious for not quite getting things out on time, and so it is with tongue firmly i

$$$: Team Fortress 2 Modders Make Nearly $50,000 Apiece

<img src="" />Time to brush up on your modding skills? Modders who created content for Team Fortress 2 have earned nearly $50,000 a

Once Again, Valve Proves Its Awesomeness With Latest Team Fortress 2 Update Press Release

<img src="" />OK, so a few minutes ago I got a press release from Valve talking about the latest <i>Team Fortress 2</i> update. I read the

Video: Peter Molyneux's Son Wants To Know Where Is Half-Life 3

<img src="" />This is Lucas Molyneux, famed game developer Peter Molyneux's son. In this exciting video we see Molyneux The Younge

Valve Thinks They Should Make The Half-Life Movie

In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Valve’s own Gabe Newell took some time to talk about the possibility of a Half-Life movie. Apparently after the smash success of the first game, they were in

Immortality Via Valve's Team Fortress 2 Hat-Describing Contest

<img src="" />Probably should have mentioned this yesterday, but such is life. Valve is running a fun little content wherein you get to

CrunchDeals: Steam QuakeCon 2010 Pack

This week being QuakeCon and all, Steam has set up a special deal on all of the current Id and Bethesda games. If you bought these separately, the over all value on the software in the package would b

Counter-Strike: Source now available for Mac (!)

<img src="" />Just a heads-up to let you Mac users out there that <i>Counter-Strike: Source</i>, "the number one online action game in th
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