• Conceptual Designs Push Innovation Forward: Check Out This Instagram Of The “Future”

    Conceptual Designs Push Innovation Forward: Check Out This Instagram Of The “Future”

    I’m a big fan of conceptual designs. Basically, designers who love to look at things and want to make them prettier will mock up what they think a product should be. One of the hottest properties in the world is Instagram, and it’s a very visually appealing app. One designer decided that he’d like to see it take a giant leap forward, so he put together a concept treatment. Read More

  • Oblong Industries: “The UI Is All You Have, The UI Is The Computer”

    Oblong Industries: “The UI Is All You Have, The UI Is The Computer”

    Our own Josh Constine is speaking to Oblong Industries at TechCrunch Disrupt today, and they’re discussing the future of human interface when it comes to technology. Kwindla Kramer and John Underkoffer from Oblong had this to say about its mission. Read More

  • User Experience And The Poison On The Tip Of The Arrow

    User Experience And The Poison On The Tip Of The Arrow

    I used Path twice. None of the people that I know are using Path. I even checked with an early adopter of social media recently and one of Path’s earliest users. She told me that she doesn’t see a lot of people using it. Generally, this is not a good indication. Maybe there are millions of secret Path users (or users in another geography that I don’t know about) but it seems… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Fall Update Beta Is Live

    If you haven’t powered up the ol’ Xbox 360 yet this evening, and you signed up for the Xbox 360 System Software Beta, you might want to go do that now. It’s live, and apparently has some very tasty updates to the UI, Avatars, the ESPN app, Netflix search capabilities, and something to do with that music player that no one bought. [via Joystiq] Read More

  • AirSwing: Toshiba's gesture-based UI system in action (video)

    Natural user interfaces using gestures aren’t really new, but AirSwing, a technology developed by Toshiba, offers something unique: it neither requires expensive hardware nor substantial CPU resources to work. After installing AirSwing (which is in prototype stage) on your computer, all you need is just a conventional web cam as the input device to start. Read More

  • HTC Sense UI for Android may be getting sweet, sweet multitouch

    Who could have guessed that simple gestures like pinch-to-zoom would make or break a phone experience for some people? With Android 2.1 slowly rolling out to most Android handsets out there, HTC decided to step up its game and bring that multitouch action into its own UI. But before you start getting uppity about when it’s coming, do not that this video is coming from Japan on a unit… Read More

  • Crazy scratch UI to create cheap, unpowered touch surfaces

    The same guys who brought you the bubble input have created a crazy scratch UI that allows you to scratch and tap almost any surface. By sensing the sound and the finding the peaks and valleys in the waveform the system can tell if you’re scratching a shape or tapping on the surface. Read More

  • Crocodile keys hope to improve text entry accuracy

    The more time I spend using computers, the more I realize that the ways in which we interact with them suck. Typing is a pain, and I’m very inefficient using a physical keyboard. When using an on-screen keyboard, I’m even less efficient. Until someone invents a really superb way to interact with computers, I guess the best I can hope for is the crocodile keyboard layout for… Read More

  • Your touchscreen phone may someday feature pop-up buttons

    Wow, hats off to some of the eggheads at Carnegie Mellon. They’ve developed a touchscreen that can actually produce tactile buttons by using latex, acrylic, and a little air pump. Imagine a touchscreen-only phone that pops up little keys when you open the on-screen keyboard. It’s like haptic feedback on steroids. Read More

  • Alternative Android user interfaces that didn't make the cut

    Android is now available—yeah, it’s true—but you’re hard-pressed to find any review that raves about its user interface. (Ryan Block, of Engadget fame, called it “very raw” last week on Tekzilla, which is right on the money, I think.) But, in an alternate world, maybe where dogs walk people, these alternative user interfaces were developed. The… Read More

  • Blizzard will store customized UI settings server side starting with Lich King

    Some players do not mess around, from Wow Insider Really good news for serious World of Warcraft players. It looks like Blizzard, starting with Wrath of the Lich King will store all your customized UI odds and ends—dungeon maps, coordinates, threat meters, etc.—server-side. That means if you’re away from your main WoW machine, you’ll still have the same interface… Read More