• How A Tweetdeck, UberMedia Deal Could Cut Down Twitter's Bird

    How A Tweetdeck, UberMedia Deal Could Cut Down Twitter's Bird

    In the world of Internet startups people can become obsessed with the function of a product or app, often ignoring how a company can change the dynamics of a market just through its sheer existence. More often than not, it is not just a case of just having a better technology than the other guy. Equally it can be about a creating an incursion into a competitors’ space which forces them… Read More

  • UberSocial For BlackBerry + 50 Cent= Uber50

    I didn’t think I’d ever write about UberMedia and 50 Cent in the same sentence but here goes—UberMedia is partnering with rap star 50 Cent to launch a branded Twitter theme for BlackBerry phones called Uber50. The new theme is essentially UberSocial for BlackBerry with 50 Cent’s branding and a few extra features. Extra features include special background art, access to… Read More

  • TweetDeck Launches #NewTwitter Rival

    After the success of its Chrome web app, TweetDeck is launching a full-fledged web app, which should pose major competition to both Twitter and Seesmic. According to a blog post, TweetDeck Web is built on the same core as Chrome TweetDeck and features a similar UI and product features. Unfortunately, TweetDeck Web does not include Twitter streaming. The reason why TweetDeck, which makes a… Read More

  • Twitter Reinstates UberSocial And Twidroyd, UberMedia iPhone Apps Still Await Review

    Looks like Bill Gross’ UberMedia has had its API access reinstated for at least two of its apps this Sunday afternoon, after a dramatic turn of events led to them being shut down on Friday. In their return, Blackberry client UberTwitter will be changing its name to UberSocial and Android app twidroyd will be making no name changes — Both have complied with Twitter’s requests… Read More

  • This Is Business, Not Personal.

    This Is Business, Not Personal.

    In Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 film The Godfather, there’s a scene between Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall) and Sonny Corleone (James Caan) that plays out like this: Tom: Your father wouldn’t want to hear this, Sonny. This is business not personal.
    Sonny: They shoot my father and it’s business, my ass!
    Tom: Even shooting your father was business not personal, Sonny! Events… Read More

  • UberMedia CEO Bill Gross: Twitter Turn-Off "Took Us By Surprise," But "We Will Change"

    I just got off the phone with UberMedia CEO and Idealab founder Bill Gross on the heels of Twitter’s suspension of two of UberMedia’s products, UberTwitter and Twidroyd, for violating Twitter’s API rules. The violations in question concern trademark, privacy, and monetization. Gross tells me, “We just talked to Twitter and discussed the various issues they raise. It… Read More

  • UberMedia, Indeed. Bill Gross' Twitter Ecosystem Empire Just Acquired TweetDeck

    The number of companies in the Twitter ecosystem keeps contracting. But not for a necessarily bad reason, but because they keep getting purchased. And what’s crazy is that it’s largely one person who has been buying them up: Bill Gross. We’ve just learned that his company, now called UberMedia, has just acquired TweetDeck. We’re hearing that the deal, which happened… Read More

  • UberMedia Continues Shopping Spree; Buys Social News Platform Mixx

    UberMedia Continues Shopping Spree; Buys Social News Platform Mixx

    UberMedia (formerly known as PostUp and TweetUp) is on a serious shopping spree. In the past two weeks, the company has acquired Twitter client developers EchoFon, and UberTwitter. Today, the company has announced that it has acquired social news startup Mixx.com. Mixx’s apps allows brands and users to curate social content into channels of information. In 2009, the startup launched… Read More