As Seesmic Bids Adieu To RIM, UberMedia Introduces UberSocial 1.2 For BlackBerry

The popular UberSocial Twitter client for BlackBerry (formerly known as UberTwitter) just got an update with a bunch of new features and bug fixes.

Notably, its developer UberMedia is doubling down on its BlackBerry app around the same time one of its rivals, Seesmic, is abandoning the BlackBerry platform.

One of the new features in UberSocial for Blackberry 1.2 is called “Inner Circle”, which basically lets you group together the most important people you follow in an exclusive timeline, alongside the traditional timeline.

Users can also set up special notifications for tweets, replies or direct messages from anyone in their ‘Inner Circle’.

Additional new features include ‘Theme Engine’, which enables the creation of personalized themes and ‘Deal Box’, which allows users to get notifications for location-based deals.

With the upgraded app, UberMedia is also meeting Twitter’s requirements with regards to OAuth authentication. Users who do not upgrade to the new version by June 30 will no longer be able to access their direct messages.

For the record: there’s an official Twitter app for BlackBerry (built by RIM).