Twitter is down [UPDATE: It’s back]

Reports of Twitter being down are coming in from across the globe. The homepage and mobile app are currently down. The desktop API still works so users can connect to the service through apps like Tw

Twitter enables account sharing in its mobile app, powered by TweetDeck Teams

TweetDeck Teams -- a feature that lets users share access to Twitter accounts without having to share a password -- will now work in the Twitter app for iOS and Android. This change will make it easie

Twitter tweaks its design again in an attempt to woo newcomers

In an effort to better cater to newcomers, Twitter once again is redesigning its app across mobile, desktop and the web. The revamp isn’t a radical departure from its prior look-and-feel or user

Twitter remembers it owns TweetDeck

It's been six years since Twitter acquired TweetDeck, but the company might finally bring new features to the client. In a survey sent to some power users today, Twitter asked which features they woul

Meet your Disrupt NY Startup Battlefield final round judges: John Borthwick, Charles Hudson, Alfred Lin, Susan Lyne, Matthew Panzarino and Alan Patricof

Choosing this year’s Disrupt NY Startup Battlefield winners will be a tough job. There is an exceptionally strong and unique group of young companies competing in Startup Battlefield next week w

Twitter kills TweetDeck for Windows, automates log-ins for TweetDeck users

Twitter today rolled out a change that will make it easier for users who switch between its desktop application TweetDeck and its website, by no longer requiring users to log in to TweetDeck separatel

TweetDeck For Mac Adds Support For Teams, Group DMs And More

In February, Twitter announced a notable upgrade for TweetDeck – an app often used by social media professionals and businesses – which introduced support for shared access to Twitter a

Twitter Finally Lets You Share Team Accounts Without Sharing Passwords

If you've ever tried to share a Twitter account with your team, you probably already know: it sucks. In the 10 years since Twitter's launch, it's never gotten around to building its own fix — un

TweetDeck Taken Down To Assess XSS Vulnerability

TweetDeck, a popular tool for Twitter power users, has announced that it has fixed the XSS vulnerability used in a hack that took place this morning and that users should log out and log back in to co

Twitter Adds Easier Column Navigation To Tweetdeck For Power Users

Twitter <a target="_blank" href="">added new features to Tweetdeck</a> today that makes it easier to arrange and consume various feeds.

Two Years After TweetDeck Acquisition, Founder Iain Dodsworth Leaves Twitter

TweetDeck founder Iain Dodsworth <a target="_blank" href="">announced today</a> that he's leaving Twitter. In his tweet, Dodsworth noted that

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Resigns As Director Of Twitter U.K. After TweetDeck Dissolves As Standalone Business

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has quit his position as a U.K. director of the company, days after Twitter subsidiary Tweetdeck was dissolved as a separate U.K. business by business registrar Companies Hous

Twitter Shuts Down TweetDeck For Android, iPhone And AIR, Discontinues TweetDeck’s Facebook Integration

TweetDeck, the feature-rich Twitter client that Twitter acquired in 2011, will soon mostly exist as a web-based service, and the native Mac and Windows apps will play second fiddle to the web and Chro

Expect TweetDeck Ltd To Be Struck Off U.K. Business Register In April, But Twitter To Continue To Develop TweetDeck The Product

SkyNews has obtained a letter sent to Twitter subsidiary TweetDeck warning the company it has three months to file accounts or be struck off the U.K.'s business register. The letter follows a proposal

Twitter-Owned TweetDeck At Risk Of Being Struck Off U.K. Business Register For Failing To File Accounts Again

Back in December Twitter and its subsidiary TweetDeck were fined for late accounts filing by the U.K. registrar of companies, Companies House. Since then Twitter has filed its accounts but TweetDeck h

TweetDeck Gets A Visual Refresh On All Platforms, Now Looks More “Twittery”

For you hardcore Twitter users, the main app just doesn't cut it. You need multiple windows and notifications and more windows and stuff like that. For me, I enjoy the simple original web version of T

Twitter Brings Back The “RT” Option With TweetDeck Update (And More)

<a href="">TweetDeck</a>, the Twitter client preferred by many of the social network's power users, has rolled out a major update which brings more of the features that such a

Gillmor Gang 5.28.11 (TCTV)

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Borthwick: Paying Attention in the iPad Era

<img src="" alt="" title="gillmor-gang-test-pattern_excerpt" width="215" height="151" class="alignleft size-full w

Twitter Confirms TweetDeck Acquisition: It's All About The Power Users

<img src="" /><a href="">Boom.</a>
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