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  • Sprint, Cable Companies In Talks To Acquire Clearwire

    Sprint, Cable Companies In Talks To Acquire Clearwire

    Not long after Clearwire announced their intent to begin lighting up a 4G LTE network, Sprint and a cabal of cable companies have begun to discuss the idea of a possible Clearwire acquisition. Last we heard, Clearwire was waiting on $600 million in additional funding before any work on their LTE rollout could begin. Comcast, Time Warner, and Bright House are currently in talks with the… Read More

  • Time Warner Buys Cable Systems From NewWave For $260M In Cash

    Time Warner Cable this morning announced that it will acquire cable systems serving approximately 70,000 basic video subscribers, 42,000 HSD subscribers, and 26,000 phone subscribers in Kentucky and Tennessee from NewWave Communications for $260 million in cash. NewWave had been buying up many of these cable systems, some property acquisitions dating back to 2003. The company says it will… Read More

  • Time Warner Invests In TV Advertising Technology Company BlackArrow

    BlackArrow, a provider of advertising solutions for ‘New Television platforms’, this morning announced a strategic investment by Time Warner Cable. Joan Gillman, president of media sales for TWC, has been named to the BlackArrow board of directors. The cable system operator joins BlackArrow’s impressive list of backers, which includes Cisco, Comcast, Intel Capital, Mayfield… Read More

  • Time Warner Told To Stop Using The Words 'Fiber Optic' In Its Advertising

    Time Warner will have to stop using the words “fiber optic” to describe its broadband network. Verizon, whose Fios service is a bona fide fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service, took issue with some of Time Warner’s advertising, complained to the relevant board, and walked away with a favorable ruling. Done and done. Read More

  • Time Warner Cable Buys Enterprise Hosting And Cloud Services Company NaviSite For $230M

    Time Warner Cable has just announced that it has acquired NaviSite, a provider of enterprise-class hosting, managed application, messaging and cloud services, for $5.50 per share in cash, or $230 million. The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2011. NaviSite provides companies with enterprise hosting capabilities, application management and cloud services. These… Read More

  • Future of Streaming and the Many Reasons Jeff Bewkes Is Wrong (TCTV)

    “It’s a little bit like, is the Albanian army going to take over the world? I don’t think so.” TimeWarner CEO Jeff Bewkes haughty dismissal of Netflix is still reverberating through the tech world, dominating Holiday party chatter and jokes around the metaphorical water cooler. (At least the nerdy parties I go to.) This would be Netflix, the company that already makes… Read More

  • Time Warner Shows Off Its $200/Month SignatureHome Package For The Remaining Rich

    Today I got to see Time Warner’s Signature Home $200 a month service package offerings up close and personal at a loft they rented in fancy-pants Soho. The offering, which is comparable to their triple-play program except that you get 24/7 customer service including concierge-style phone service and installation techs who will spend up to three hours at your home setting up all your junk. Read More

  • Time Warner's TNT And TBS Turn On TV Everywhere For Verizon FIOS Custmers

    Time Warner's TNT And TBS Turn On TV Everywhere For Verizon FIOS Custmers

    Time Warner is turning on more channels for its TV Everywhere strategy. Once again, Verizon FIOS customers will be the first to get the channels available on their laptops, and soon on their mobile phones. The two companies announced today that starting in June, FIOS TV subscribers will get unlimited online access to popular shows from Time Warner’s TNT and and TBS channels. It… Read More

  • Reimagining The Magazine Cover For The iPad

    Reimagining The Magazine Cover For The iPad

    Print publishers are in a tizzy over Apple’s new iPad because they hope to finally be able to charge for their digital editions. But in order to get people to pay for their magazine and newspaper apps, they are going to have to offer something different that readers cannot get at the newsstand or on the open Web. We’ve already seen plenty of prototypes from magazine publishers… Read More

  • A First Look At HBO Go: Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Today HBO announced it will be making its movies and TV Shows available on the Web to subscribers through HBO Go, which up until now has been in private beta. HBO Go is part of the cable industry’s TV Everywhere strategy to make TV content available online to paying subscribers. It contains 600 hours of movies and TV shows which can be streamed live and even in HD. HBO Go is… Read More

  • Only The Paranoid Are Scared Of TV Everywhere

    Some people don’t like Comcast and Time Warner’s TV Everywhere plan to bring cable TV to the Web.  They are just paranoid. Allow me to explain. In his 1964 Harper’s Magazine essay “The Paranoid Style in American Politics”, Columbia University historian Richard Hofstadter argued that American politics has often been a stage for excessively conspiratorial and… Read More

  • Fox, Time Warner fight over more money than you can count. Let's blame the Internet and stuff.

    It has all the makings of a drama that no one could possibly care about: a giant corporation looking to make even more money than it already does; an even bigger corporation looking to stand firm and not be bullied into making any decision against its will; helpless consumers with no one to turn to, no altar to pray at; and the Internet. If you’re a Time Warner subscriber you may loose… Read More

  • Time Inc's "Manhattan Project" Is A Tablet Magazine

    The magazine business is hurting just like all print publications. And even if their Websites are popular, they generate one tenth the ad revenue of the print side. Since last summer, Time Inc has been working on a “Manhattan Project” to create a digital magazine for the new breed of color tablet computers soon to come to market. (Condé Nast is also working on a similar concept). … Read More

  • NY Judge Throws Out Last AOL Time Warner Merger Lawsuit

    It’s fairly ironic to learn that there was still a lawsuit lingering over Time Warner’s merger with America Online from the beginning of this decade, given that AOL is in the process of spinning off and hitting the public markets as an independent entity before year’s end. Anyway, there was still one pending suit out of the hundreds that were filed after the multi-billion… Read More

  • When AOL Spins Off On December 9, It Will Be Worth About $3.15 Billion

    It’s been a long decade, but AOL will once again be an independently traded company on December 9, when Time Warner will spin off shares. Every Time Warner shareholder (disclosure: including me, from when I was employed there) will receive shares in AOL using the following formula: one share of AOL will be distributed for every 11 shares held in Time Warner. In other words, we finally… Read More

  • Web 2 Summit: Tim Armstrong On AOL Spin Off, Content, And A Mysterious New Tech

    At the Web 2.0 Summit today in San Francisco AOL’s chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong took the stage for a discussion with Federated Media’s John Battelle. Armstrong, who was previously in charge of the Google ad group in America took the AOL job in March as the company prepares the split from its parent, Time Warner. The Armstrong talk can be summarized pretty easily: Content… Read More

  • The Hangover: AOL Gives Time Warner's Quarterly Results A Headache, Again

    Time Warner released it second quarter results today, and the numbers aren’t good. Overall, revenue was down 9% versus the year-ago period as poor results from the publishing, film and yes, AOL dragged down the numbers for all. CEO Jeff Bewkes remarks are telling: At the same time, we’re continuing the reshaping of Time Warner that we started last year. We’re on track to spin… Read More

  • TV Everywhere is Comcast and Time Warner's answer to free Internet video

    Cable providers Comcast and Time Warner might be late to the Internet video party, but that doesn’t mean they are going to let us enjoy content for free that they pay for. Oh no, the TV Everywhere Model is designed to give Comcast and Time Warner paying subscribers access to content and block-out everyone else. And this system might find its way into Hulu. You can’t blame the… Read More

  • TiVo and Time Warner apparently discussing DVR deal

    Looks like Time Warner cable subscribers may someday get the option of the TiVo interface on their DVR boxes. According to Bloomberg, “TiVo is in talks to provide service through Time Warner Cable Inc.” although nothing specific has really been revealed yet. Read More

  • AOL Posts 23 Percent Decline In Revenues During 1st Quarter As It Prepares For Spin-Off

    Time Warner announced first quarter earnings today, giving us a peak at how AOL is doing. It’ seen better days. Revenues were down 23 percent to $867 million. Of that advertising revenues made up about half ($443 million), but were down a gut-wrenching 20 percent. Yahoo, in comparison, saw a 12 percent decline in advertising revenues during the quarter, and Google saw 6 percent growth… Read More