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Privateer wants to create a ‘data ride-sharing economy’ for space

Privateer Space is launching a new module for satellite operators called Pono, which the company says will help make space data available at scale and at a far lower cost than it is today. The first P

1,100+ notable signatories just signed an open letter asking ‘all AI labs to immediately pause for at least 6 months’

Signatories including Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and Tristan Harris are asking AI labs to pause building AI more powerful than GPT-4.

Steve Wozniak and Alex Fielding’s startup Privateer aims to be the Google Maps of space

A number of startups have emerged aimed at cleaning up low Earth orbit, which is currently crowded with millions of pieces of space junk — including anything from broken satellites, to rocket fr

Inside the history of Silicon Valley labor, with Louis Hyman

As I wrote for TechCrunch recently, immigration is not an issue always associated with tech — not even when thinking about the ethics of technology, as I do here. So when I was moved to tears a few

The dreaded 10x, or, how to handle exceptional employees

The “10x engineer.” Shudder. Wince. I have rarely seen my Twitter feed unite against an idea so loudly, or in such harmony. I refer of course to the thread last month by Accel India’

Crunch Report | Steve Wozniak Launches Education Platform

Steve Wozniak launches a new education platform, "Woz U," Fandango acquires and Baidu plans to make lots of autonomous cars in 2021. All this on Crunch Report.

Steve Wozniak announces tech education platform Woz U

Steve Wozniak, the Apple co-founder who changed the world alongside Steve Jobs, has today announced the launch of Woz U. Woz U will start as an online learning platform focused on both students and co

The Uber and the frog

How the mighty are fallen. Travis Kalanick is out, and Uber has become something of a headless horseman, with no current CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, VP of Engineering, or general counsel. Its alleged valuatio

Why the Apple Watch price cut is smart thinking

Last week Apple co-founder and general all-round-nice-guy Steve Wozniak made headlines via a Reddit AMA in which he was quoted as criticizing the Apple Watch for taking the company into "the jewelry m

Steve Wozniak discusses his inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con

Last week I sat down with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to hear about his newest creation, Silicon Valley Comic Con. The event, which will be held this weekend at the San Jose Convention Center, wi

Stop Fearing Artificial Intelligence

As yet another tech pioneer with no connection to artificial intelligence steps out to voice his fears about AI being catastrophic for the human race, I feel the need respond. While I respect Steve Wo

StartSLC Kicks Off To Support A Burgeoning Utah Tech Culture

A crowd of tech enthusiasts sat warm inside the grand hall of an old train station this last Saturday night, on the west end of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. They braved the otherwise chilly evening

Silicon Valley Moguls Push For Campaign Finance Reform

When it comes to big money in politics, a group of tech magnates is fighting fire with fire — or super PAC with super PAC — according to a report from Reuters. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, U

The Woz Uses Cycloramic And An iPhone 5 To Street View His Kitchen

There are only two excuses for using the term "<a target="_blank" href="">amazeballs!</a>": you're Zooey Deschanel and you star in the hit TV sitcom New Girl, <

Woz With A Coz: The 99c iOS Game That Puts An 8-Bit, Gun-Toting Woz In Your Pocket, With Danny Trejo As His Fearsome Sidekick

The life and times of Steve Wozniak are awesome enough already. But now Woz can add 'becoming an in-game character alongside a badass movie star' to his achievements -- having been rendered in pixel-f

Keen On… Steve Wozniak: Why Woz Worries Microsoft Is Now More Innovative Than Apple [TCTV]

<p>Woz <a target="_blank" href="">spoke</a> at <a target="_blank" href="">TEDx Brusse

Woz Watch: Steve Wozniak Waiting For One Of The First iPhone 5’s In Australia

Every time Apple releases a new iPhone, <a target="_blank" href="">Steve Wozniak</a> is going to be waiting up all night on line to get one. TechCrunch w

Steve Wozniak Is “A Little Afraid” About The Future Of Apple (TCTV)

As he was waiting <a href="">first in line to buy the new iPhone 4S</a>, <a href="http://www.crunchbase.c

Steve Wozniak On How The iPhone 4S Will Change His Life (TCTV)

<a href="">Steve Wozniak</a> likes to be the first person in line to buy the latest <a href="">Apple</a> products.

Woz: Apple Almost Launched A Phone In 2004, Android Will "Win The Race"

<img src="" class="shot2" /><a href="">Apple</a> cofounder <a href="
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