The Woz Uses Cycloramic And An iPhone 5 To Street View His Kitchen


There are only two excuses for using the term “amazeballs!“: you’re Zooey Deschanel and you star in the hit TV sitcom New Girl, or you’ve just witnessed the Cycloramic app in action.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is even fascinated with the app, which takes a 360-degree video on its own, without the help or support of a tripod, special case or accessory of any kind.

But this isn’t the exciting bit. You can actually get all kinds of awesome, interactive 360 degree video on your phone from awesome companies like Kogeto. Plus, there’s a Panorama mode on almost all iPhones now with iOS 6. The content is cute, but the best part of the app is watching it in action.

Start by balancing your phone upright on a flat surface (a granite countertop or glass table). The surface has to be really smooth, so don’t expect any non-laminated wood or tiles to work.

Once you press “GO”, the app will make the phone vibrate at just the right frequencies to force to phone into a twirl. Your iPhone will continue to spin in a circle, which recording video, until you press the “STOP” button.

The app works best with the iPhone 5, which is lighter and has a different vibrator than the iPhone 4/4S. Founder Bruno Francois says that the iPhone 4/4S will slowly rotate on level glass top only.

The app also has a few limitations, so you have to make sure your vibrator settings are set properly on the phone or the app won’t work. If, for example, your phone is set to silent mode, you must have the “Vibrate on Silent” setting turned on. If the phone is set to ring, you must have “Vibrate On Ring” turned on.

You can use either the rear or front-facing camera within the app, and then save 360-degree videos to your camera roll. There is also a “Choose” option, which Francois tells me is meant for a later version of the app, which will allow users to share content to their social networks.

The videos could be interesting at a dinner party or some sort of Knights at the Roundtable-type situation. Still, the real treat is watching the iPhone do a little dance.

The app costs $.99, and it’s unclear if the company has any other plans for monetization beyond paid downloads. According to founder Bruno Francois, the team is “looking at a few additional revenue streams, but it may be too early to discuss.”