Woz Watch: Steve Wozniak Waiting For One Of The First iPhone 5’s In Australia

Every time Apple releases a new iPhone, Steve Wozniak is going to be waiting up all night on line to get one. TechCrunch was planning to talk to him at one of his usual digs at an Apple Store in Los Gatos or San Jose.

But, this time it turns out the Apple co-founder is waiting in Australia. According to his tweet from an hour ago, he’s “In line for first iPhone 5’s in the world!” at the Apple Store in Chermside, Queensland Australia, which is a suburb of Brisbane. Where it happens to be 5am Friday. So, Wozniak will be one of the first to buy the new iPhone 5.

According to the Apple website, the Chermside store opens in just a few hours at 9am.

When the iPhone 4S came out, he told TechCrunch how it would change his life. He also explained why he waits on line, saying “I’ve gotten so used to waiting in line, overnight, it has meaning. The product is so good and this is my way of recognizing it.”