Star Trek

  • Star Trek wetsuit lets you boldly go where few have gone before

    The Star Trek wetsuit finally lets you couple your love for Star Trek with your love for SCUBA. No longer must you be shackled in a plain, boring wetsuit when you make your dives. Now you can wear a stylish suit that demonstrates your geek cred to all your diving buddies. Available in Command Yellow, Science Blue, and Engineering Red! Read More

  • This Star Trek scene makes no sense – and that’s a good thing

    Take a scene from Star Trek: The Next Generation, replace the actual spoken words with words that match the movements of the actors’ mouths pretty well, and you have this. It’s actually entertaining, I promise. There’s some NSFW language – just an FYI. Read More

  • Ladies, don’t let guys have all the fun – Star Trek perfume is here

    When Star Trek cologne was unveiled to the world in late July, the odds were officially stacked against females. How in the world would they be able to resist any man wearing Star Trek cologne? It can’t be done. Well, that playing field has been absolutely leveled with the recent introduction of Star Trek perfume. Read More

  • Animated musical Star Trek lamp

    Ah, perfect. Use your Star Trek cologne to woo the ladies and then wow the ones you bring home with this $100 Star Trek bedside lamp from Hammacher Schlemmer. Read More

  • Captain Kirk's missing scene from JJ's Star Trek

    William Shatner did have a part in the new Star Trek as it turns out. It wasn’t a major role like Leonard Nimoy’s, but rather a recording that Nimoy’s Spock would give to the younger Spock at the end of the film. It obviously never made the film but I somewhat wish it had. Read More

  • Star Trek Blu-ray release earns a perfect score at

    We all know that the new Star Trek was the best movie of all time – I’m serious – but how about the upcoming Blu-ray release? Well, takes Blu-ray releases and grades them on four levels: Movie, Video, Audio, and Extras. The upcoming Star Trek release scored a perfect five out of five in each category. Yeah, it’s that awesome. Read More

  • Video: Wil Wheaton's Star Trek cameo

    Did you know that Will Wheaton was in JJ’s Star Trek? He just went public with the secret cameo voice overs and details the entire experience on his personal blog. If you’re even the slightest Star Trek fan, click over and read the whole thing. It’s awesome to me that he was so honored and humbled to do just voice over work in the new movie even though he played such a major… Read More

  • Star Trek, Transformers 2 Xbox 360 bundles on the way to the UK

    There’s two new Xbox 360 bundles coming your way, UK. To mark the arrival of Transformers 2 and Star Trek to DVD (and Blu-ray), Gem and Paramount pictures have put together these blurry bundles. Read More

  • Whatever happened to the Klingons, anyway

    There was one race conspicuously missing from the J.J. Abrams Star Trek film: the Klingons. They were filmed, but the scene with them questioning Nero was cut for whatever reason. The good news is, in this day and age deleted scenes rarely stay deleted for long. Case in point, SpikeTV just revealed a deleted scene where we do get to see the Klingons, and they ain’t happy with Nero. This… Read More