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The Theory Ventures venture theory with venture theorist Tomasz Tunguz

Welcome to Equity, the podcast about the business of startups. This week, we had Theory Ventures founder Tomasz Tunguz on the show.

Rejoice, for startup valuations are slowly recovering

Startups are hardly out of the woods, but the market is no longer moving away from their valuation marks.

Honey, I shrunk the revenue multiple

It's worth remembering that the difference between an actual software company and a company that offers a service via software is often massive and tough to overcome.

The bottom keeps dropping for software valuations

Really, what would the bottom be for software valuations? Given that no one thought we would get this far, I am loath to say that we've hit it. There could be even lower figures coming.

Say hello to the kick-ass final agenda for the TechCrunch+ stage at Disrupt 2022

TechCrunch is bringing our flagship event, Disrupt, back to the real world this year, which means we’re hard at work on our big October 18-20 shindig. Founders, investors, tech denizens, crypto

What’s a fintech even worth these days?

Fintech was the hottest thing around last year, a fact that may now turn into a venture capital and startup headache.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Food tech smorgasbord, VCs squeeze crypto founders, startup layoffs 101

According to The Good Food Institute, fermentation startups received $290 million of the $911 million investors dropped on alternative protein companies in Q1 2022.

Why software valuations could drop more if things don’t change soon

If you feel cloud and software stocks should not trade for less than their historical average, then you have cause to cheer. But is that a valid perspective?

Here come the single-digit SaaS multiples

Day-to-day coverage can provide snapshots instead of complete images. Today, let's slow down and take stock of where we are regarding software (SaaS, effectively) valuations. 

The SaaS sell-off is steepening

By now you may be tired of stories detailing the bad news in the market. Too bad! More are coming. Let's talk specifically about the bad news for SaaS.

No one told the crypto world that startup megadeals aren’t as plentiful anymore

Watching the mega-round venture world contract as the crypto world stays silly is a good reminder that the web3 world is in fact siloed from the rest of the global economy to a large degree.

Rethinking Databricks’ valuation amid a changing market

How much will the changing valuation of software companies impact the biggest private unicorns? Also, why hasn't Databricks gone public yet? The answer to the former might be the answer to the latter.

Is the SaaS selloff over?

The decline in the value of annual recurring revenue, or ARR, may be over, but there's also scant indication that we're about to see a rebound.

Are late-stage startup valuations going to suffer this year?

Everyone can run the math on what slowing growth and cash burn are worth on the public markets, and it's a very different number than it was last year.

Welcome to the post-pandemic economy, startups

The latest corporate results are telling us that the pandemic is over, from a business perspective. This is critical for startups to understand.

Did venture capitalists undervalue startups for decades?

It appears the market decided that startups are worth more than they once were, by a material multiple. So were startups dramatically undervalued in prior years and decades?

Here’s how far VCs have lowered revenue expectations for seed through Series B

This is what a founder-friendly market looks like, turbocharged during a unique economic period.

VCs and founders are max bullish as public markets flash warning signs

If we do see public software valuations keep dipping while private-market software valuations stay extreme, someone is going to be very wrong. We just won't know for a little while who it was.

The value of software revenue may have finally stopped rising

Startups are raising record sums around the world, thanks to several contributing factors. But the free ride could be ending.