• Skullcandy Crushers Headphone Review | Fly or Die

    Fly Or Die: Skullcandy Crushers

    Skullcandy’s Crusher headphones may not be John’s favorite, but I must applaud the headphone maker for stepping outside the box and doing something different with the Crusher headphones. The Crushers don’t try to fake a bunch of bass with digital signal processing, but rather use two Sensation55 drivers (one in each ear cup) to trigger a vibration system that gives the… Read More

  • Fly or Die: Skullcandy

    Fly Or Die: Skullcandy Hesh Headphones [TCTV]

    This shouldn’t be the first time you’ve seen Skullcandy’s Hesh headphones appear on TechCrunch, but I’ll forgive you if it is. As a refresh, I reviewed the cans last week and found that it really came down to like vs. love. They’re fine, but I can’t necessarily justify a $60-$70 purchase. John felt the same way when we sat down to chat about the Hesh… Read More

  • Skullcandy Supreme Sound Hesh Headphone Review: Like Vs. Love

    Skullcandy Supreme Sound Hesh Headphone Review: Like Vs. Love

    There’s a huge difference between like and love. I like cheese, but I love Gruyere. I like beef, but I love filet mignon. I like phones, but I love my iPhone. You get the gist. Long story short, I really like Skullcandy’s latest pair of over-ear mid-range headphones, the Hesh 2.0. But do I love them? Read More

  • Custom Skullcandy headphones look, sound great

    Skullcandy headphones sound good, that’s pretty much a given. And while the styling is cool and everything, they seem a bit.. generic. Don’t worry though, you can get your awesome cans and be individual too. One crafty DIY person is selling customized Skullcandy SK-Pro headphones – but you better hurry, she/he is only making three pairs. Read More

  • New Skullcandy cans to incorporate mirasol screens

    I was skeptical when Peter sent me the link; I thought “color screen on a headset? What, is it to show your avatar or something? I bet this is gonna be corny.” But lo and behold, it looks bad-ass. This new type of display is supposed to be pretty efficient, so you don’t need to worry about how much it’s draining your battery — a major concern in a… Read More

  • Skullcandy rocks Macworld

    The above picture is Skullcandy’s crown jewel for Macworld. The FMJ headphones for the iPhone. Don’t worry BlackBerry Curve users because they’re compatible with your far superior smartphone, too. Heh. The FMJ’s are housed in aluminum with noise isolating ear buds with 11mm drivers doing all the thumping. They’re shiny and Skullcandy is pretty good at what they do… Read More

  • Great Outdoors: Must-Have Camping Gear

    Every once in awhile, we here like to step outside of the CrunchGear Mansion. And, when we’re feeling particularly frisky, we’ve even been known to go camping. Of course, just because you’re roughin’ it, it doesn’t mean you have to be without some basic necessities. As part of our ongoing series on summer outdoorsy fun, here are our favorite camping gadgets. Read More

  • Bonfire Skull Crusher Beanie Review

    I realize Summer is upon us and that I’m reviewing a beanie. I’m sitting in my apartment sweating profusely and I don’t like it at all, but it’s not every day I get to review a gadget from a company in my home state of Oregon. The Bonfire Skull Crusher Beanie is the straight dope and if it wasn’t for an unfortunate snowboarding accident on Christmas day of… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Skullcandy Patents LINK between Cell Phone and iPod

    Skullcandy has been creating some interesting products such as their headphones, MP3 watches and backpacks. They were just issued their first patent on a personal portable integrator for a music player and mobile phone (US Patent 7,187,948). It’s a smart device that links your cellphone and music player with the ability to override music when you have a call – aptly named… Read More