Fly Or Die: Skullcandy Crushers

Skullcandy’s Crusher headphones may not be John’s favorite, but I must applaud the headphone maker for stepping outside the box and doing something different with the Crusher headphones.

The Crushers don’t try to fake a bunch of bass with digital signal processing, but rather use two Sensation55 drivers (one in each ear cup) to trigger a vibration system that gives the sensation of head-rattling bass. Plus, there are two REX40 drivers built in to deliver highs and mids.

I was wrong in the video when I said there was a sub in each ear cup, and John was wrong when he said these are awful headphones, so there are our admissions.

Sure, the Crushers use a gimmick to get their message across, but once you strap in that battery and get to listening, you’re sure to enjoy the same reaction that we had at CES.

To be clear, the Crushers wouldn’t get the same kind of endorsement for me if it wasn’t for the $100 price tag slapped on to these bad boys.

For less than you pay for Beats, Sennhesier, or Bose, you can have the sensation of true, club-style bass direct to your ear, with that same Skullcandy style the company has become known for.

These aren’t meant for the audiophile, musician, or DJ. However, anyone who enjoys over-the-ear audio at an affordable price should check these out. They’ll make you feel like your stroll down the street is a part of a Nicki Minaj music video, and who can put a price on that?

The Crushers come in a number of colors and are available in April for $100 at various retailers and