Fly Or Die: Skullcandy Hesh Headphones [TCTV]

This shouldn’t be the first time you’ve seen Skullcandy’s Hesh headphones appear on TechCrunch, but I’ll forgive you if it is. As a refresh, I reviewed the cans last week and found that it really came down to like vs. love. They’re fine, but I can’t necessarily justify a $60-$70 purchase.

John felt the same way when we sat down to chat about the Hesh headphones in this latest episode of Fly or Die. But it extends far beyond that. As John would say, “friends don’t let friends buy bad headphones.”

There should really only be two choices: get yourself a cheap pair of earbuds that will last you six months, or if you really enjoy high quality sound, make a solid investment in a set of Grado or Sennheisers or “the upper echelon of headphones” and really enjoy yourself.

Either way, mid-range headphones shouldn’t even exist in our book. They offer very little in sound quality and try to make up for it with style and brand cache, like Beats.

Beats by Dr. Dre headphones certainly aren’t the best headphones on the market, but the following behind them is huge, based mainly on the fact that Dre’s name is behind them and they look cool. Beats is about status, and the very worst part is that Skullcandy doesn’t even have that going for it.

We both give them a die.