Skullcandy rocks Macworld


The above picture is Skullcandy’s crown jewel for Macworld. The FMJ headphones for the iPhone. Don’t worry BlackBerry Curve users because they’re compatible with your far superior smartphone, too. Heh. The FMJ’s are housed in aluminum with noise isolating ear buds with 11mm drivers doing all the thumping. They’re shiny and Skullcandy is pretty good at what they do so I wouldn’t worry about them being another set of janky iPhone-specific earbuds. They’re on sale for $80, but if you’re at Macworld you can pick up a pair for $40.


For more Skullcandy goodies keep on truckin’.


This be Skullcandy’s latest iPod/iPhone dock and it just rolled off the line into the hands of Skullcandy so we’re sans specs at the moment. Looks pretty cool and it’s tiny.


Here’s another pair of earbuds, but these are made of wood.



Here’s the Double Agent. It eliminates all wires and MP3 player. It accepts SD cards, which is wicked hot and controls are on the right cup.