Signal escapes the confines of the browser with a standalone desktop app

If you're an active Signal user (and why aren't you?) you likely already know about the desktop app — or what passes for one. It's actually Chrome App, requiring Google's browser to function. Well,

Encrypted chat app Signal goes down for some users

If you're having problems with Signal, you're not alone. On Friday, many users took to Twitter to report that beloved encrypted messaging app Signal was offline. While some users have been unable to a

Signal update keeps your address book secret, keeps it safe

No one would use a secure messaging service like Signal if you couldn't find out who else was on it — but how can you trust Signal and others not to snoop when you submit your contacts for it to che

Should WhatsApp let you disable URL previews?

Another reminder that if you want perfect security or privacy online you shouldn't expect every single bell & whistle of tech-enabled convenience to be handily on tap... 

You can now use Signal for encrypted video calls

Open Whisper Systems, creator of encrypted communication platform Signal, released an update today as an open beta to enable encrypted video calling. The app previously offered fully end-to-end encryp

Encrypted chat app Signal tests “next generation” voice and video calling

Signal, the encrypted chat application praised by Edward Snowden, is looking to move beyond messaging and into video. A new beta version of the app, now in testing, has enabled “next generation

Security researchers call for Guardian to retract false WhatsApp “backdoor” story

A thirty-strong group of security researchers have co-signed an open letter calling for the Guardian to retract a story it published last week that had claimed mobile messaging app WhatsApp contains a

No Signal: Egypt blocks the encrypted messaging app as it continues its cyber crackdown

Egypt has intensified its cyber crackdown under president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. In recent years authorities have blocked Facebook’s controversial Free Basics program for not allowing it to spy on us

Signal for Android update ducks censorship, adds stickers and doodles

As mainstream interest in online privacy expands, Signal wants to grow along with it. This week, the app added two features, one a serious response to international censorship and the other a light, f

Signal app-maker rebuts criticism of dev direction by calling for more community help

Moxie Marlinspike, founder of Open Whisper Systems (OWS), the not-for-profit software group behind the respected Signal Protocol crypto (and the eponymous Signal secure messaging app) has responded to

Signal gets disappearing messages — but for tidiness, not privacy

Messaging app Signal is proud to be end-to-end encrypted, and privacy is their watchword — but its new ephemeral messages aren't being billed as tools to that end, and nor should they be.

You can use encrypted chat app Signal on desktop now

Signal, the encrypted chat app powered by Open Whisper Systems, is finally available as a desktop app. The free app, which has earned praise from Edward Snowden and security experts like Matt Green an

Now’s your chance to try Signal’s desktop Chrome app

The desktop version of Edward Snowden's favored end-to-end messaging system, Signal, is now available to anyone who wants to check it out. Open Whisper Systems announced the desktop version back in De

Apple Hires Developer Behind Signal, Edward Snowden’s Favorite Secure Chat App

Apple hires plenty of interns all year round, but one particular new addition revealed this week caught the eye given the company's current position opposing a controversial order to enable the FBI to

Talk Private To Me: Free, Worldwide, Encrypted Voice Calls With Signal For iPhone

Rejoice, O lovers of privacy! For <a target="_blank" href="">Open WhisperSystems</a> has released <a target="_blank" href="

Signal smoke detector really lets you know when it's time to replace the batteries

[photopress:signaldet.jpg,full,center] Smoke detectors save lives, but only if they’re working properly. This detector, called Signal and designed by one Matthew Jobson, opens up and basically s

Cali Lewis reviews Signal for iTunes

Good old Cali “It’s not syphilis” Lewis takes a look at Signal for iTunes on GeekBrief TV today. The poor lady has some sort of weird allergy, which is why she’s using gloves,

Signal Software Allows iTunes Control From iPhone

A new piece of software from Alloysoft now allows you to control iTunes, Winamp, or Windows Media Player via the iPhone. It’s called Signal and it works using WiFi to send, well, signals to your

AIRcable Extends Bluetooth Range To 20 Miles

Supposedly this $129 dongle will bump the average 30 foot range of Bluetooth to an astonishing 20 miles. Although the included hardware will do just fine at about half a mile, it looks like you are go