Box reaches $1B run rate in spite of a quarter dogged by currency challenges

Box launched in 2005 out of a dorm room. This week, after 17 years in business, the SaaS company reached a $1 billion run rate.

Zylo, a SaaS management platform, raises $31.5M

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscriptions have become a fixture of the modern enterprise; organizations with more than 1,000 employees use over 150 SaaS apps on average, according to BetterCloud. Ful

A tool for analyzing face-to-face sales pitches lands funding from UiPath co-founder

So much software is dedicated to helping businesses improve interactions online, whether it be aimed at sales, marketing or customer service. But despite the prevalence of the internet and an increase

Sequoia India backs Prismforce to help IT companies build better talent supply chains

Prismforce, an India-U.S. startup that provides IT and tech services companies with tools to build better talent supply chains, has raised $13.6 million in a Series A round led by Sequoia Capital Indi

AWS adds automated agent monitoring to Amazon Connect

AWS introduced Amazon Connect, its customer service-oriented product, some years ago, putting it smack dab in the middle of enterprise applications. It also places the company in the position of compe

Are tech valuations artificially low, or are we simply returning to reality?

How conservative are today's valuations when compared to the norms of recent years?

SaaS startups that ignored VC advice to cut sales and marketing were better off this year

New data from Capchase found that startups that cut sales and marketing were in worse financial shape in 2022 than those that didn't.

Bling Capital has $212M to invest across two new funds — and two coasts

Ben Ling, a prolific angel investor turned venture capitalist, has never put a lot of stock in the need for a new, decentralized internet. It’s why the firm he founded almost exactly four years

Indian fintech Lentra raises $60M to expand loans-as-a-service for banks

India initially made its name in the tech world years ago when it staked out reputation as a key hub for business process outsourcing. Now that legacy has taken a very different turn in fintech with o

Freemium or free trials: Why not both?

As more SaaS companies adopt product-led growth, startup founders are often faced with a pricing model dilemma.

As the economy shifts, what’s the best software customer?

We wonder if SMB-facing companies might have more ability to surprise the market than their enterprise-leaning siblings.

What’s the right NDR target for SaaS startups?

Net dollar retention matters, and investors, focused on more efficient growth than last year, are likely putting more emphasis on the metric.

New data shows how SaaS founders have been dealing with whiplash from public markets

OpenView's 2022 SaaS benchmarks report comes from an annual survey of SaaS companies, with 660 global respondents. The mood has changed since its 2021 report.

Connecting the dots: SaaS and alts

New data points seem to confirm trends we have heard or seen in two sectors: SaaS and alts.

Here’s why ServiceNow’s stock soared in a week of dismal tech earnings reports

In a quarter of downright horrible earnings reports, ServiceNow stuck out with a positive report that got investors excited.

Unito, a platform for managing SaaS apps, raises $20M

Unito, a startup offering a service to bring together disparate software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms — for example, Jira and Trello — today announced it raised $20 million in a Series B

Valence Security raises new cash to secure the SaaS app supply chain

Valence Security, a company securing business app infrastructure, today announced that it raised $25 million in a Series A round led by M12, Microsoft’s corporate venture arm, with participation

Read this before you reprice your SaaS product because of the downturn

If your sales numbers are lagging behind what you expected, there's an important question to ask: What’s actually wrong with your SaaS product or its pricing?

TechCrunch+ roundup: Layoffs and H1-B visas, SaaS growth levers, blockchain startup tips

Boosting expansion revenue, particularly during a downturn, will impress the hell out of your potential investors.

3 growth levers every SaaS founder should know about

There are still opportunities for growth out there, but founders and operators will need a new strategy if they want to continue growing through the downturn.
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