GitHub’s Thomas Dohmke talks open source, AI and more on the Disrupt SaaS Stage

Stating the obvious, you can’t have software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies without software developers. Creative developers build the proprietary and open source code that fuels commercial engines a

Bastion is an all-in-one cybersecurity solution for small businesses

Meet Bastion, a French startup that was created in October 2022 to help small companies tackle cybersecurity risks without too many complexities. Created by former Palantir employees, the company has

Primo is the IT tool for companies that are too small for an IT manager

Meet Primo, a French startup that recently raised a $3.4 million funding round to build a software-as-a-service product that handles the IT needs of small and medium companies. Primo keeps track of yo

LLMs come to workplace morale monitoring, as Loopin raises $1.9M for its platform

There have been several startup attempts to measure staff morale, some more halting than others. We reported on Plasticity Labs back in 2014, though their web site seems no longer functioning. Officev

Device-as-a-service startup Fleet expands beyond laptop leasing

French startup Fleet has been growing nicely over the past four years as the company has deployed nearly 10,000 devices with long-term leasing contracts. The company hasn’t raised any outside fundin

Is there really a march from the public cloud back on-prem?

We got a decidedly mixed set of answers, but it seems that the cloud repatriation idea is being greatly exaggerated.

Ampersand helps SaaS companies build their customer-facing integrations, raises $4.7M

Ampersand, a startup that helps SaaS companies build user-facing integrations into their products, today announced that it has raised a $4.7 million seed funding round led by Matrix Partners. Base Cas

AutoLeap, now with $30M Series B, accelerates SaaS approach to auto repair operations

AutoLeap's founders say now is "the golden age for aftermarket auto repair" as technology made for this industry shifts from “a nice to have” to a "must have."

Graneet raises $8.7 million for its vertical SaaS for construction companies

French startup Graneet is building an all-in-one software-as-a-service product focused on small construction companies. And it has grown quite a lot since I first covered the company, as the company h

Push Security raises $15M to help SaaS users lower their online vulnerability

To keep a company secure in today’s digital universe, it takes a village — specifically, all the company’s employees, who have to be on their guard pretty much all the time to avoid

Orb, which helps B2B companies price their products, raises $19.1M

Alvaro Morales and Kshitij Grover were working together as engineering leaders at Asana for five years, during a time when the company underwent major changes to pricing and packaging. The initiatives

Disrupt 2023 — we’re shipping a big new release

If the past few years, and even the past week, has reminded us soundly of anything — it’s that the startup world will never be predictable. To meet the changing startup landscape, we’re ref

TechCrunch+ roundup: Big Data’s cloud backlash, CVC pitch tips, de-risking hardware startups

I started wearing sweaters after I got my last utility bill, but companies at scale can’t dial back their data usage as easily.

SaaS is still open for business, but it’s going to take longer to buy and sell

The bottom line? In 2023, SaaS is still open for business; it’s just going to take longer to buy and sell.

Berlin’s Monite raises $5M seed for its embedded B2B payments platform

With turbulent economies, companies are looking for more revenue streams to survive, and one obvious way to increase revenues is to streamline costs. Given companies can often use both manual processi

Cloud security vendor Mitiga lands $45M, valuing the company at over $100M

Companies moved en masse to the cloud during the pandemic, under pressure to digitally transform. According to a 2021 survey from O’Reilly, cloud adoption steadily rose across industries, with 90% o

Houseware launches out of stealth to help SaaS companies optimize revenue using data

Using data to make better decisions faster helps startups in the crowded SaaS space improve product development, identify hidden market opportunities and complete work with fewer false steps, importan

Consensus raises $110M to inject automation into SaaS product demos

Garin Hess, a tech entrepreneur based in Utah, experienced what he calls the “demo bottleneck” at a previous software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup while pitching to potential customers. He

Growfin’s AI-based cash collection SaaS expands further to US and Asia

Cash management — tracking who needs to pay an invoice and whether it’s been done — can make or break a business. Now, a startup building SaaS software to help finance departments ma

Enterprise SaaS companies continue to navigate a complex economic environment

With Zoom, Box, Okta and Salesforce reporting this week, we saw mixed results from enterprise SaaS companies operating in a tough environment.
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