• Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Review: A MacBook Air For The Rest Of Us

    Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Review: A MacBook Air For The Rest Of Us

    The Aspire S3 is Acer’s first ultrabook. The notebook is almost unabashedly a MacBook Air clone with straight lines and a clean design but it’s also $400 less. There are some trade-offs when comparing this to the Air, sure, but for the most part the Aspire S3 is a fine ultraportible for the Windows crowd. What Acer and all the rest of the ultrabook makers are building are by… Read More

  • Amazon Slashes AWS S3 Prices Up To 19%

    Looks like Amazon has reduced the storage costs on its popular Amazon Web Services’ “Simple Storage Service” (S3) yet again. As of November 1st, S3 users in the US Standard, EU – Ireland, and APAC – Singapore regions will be paying up to 19% less in overall monthly storage charges. Along with these changes Amazon has also rejiggered its pricing tiers; adding a… Read More

  • GoGrid Releases API

    Cloud hosting service provider GoGrid has announced the release of its API. The REST-like Query interface is available to all GoGrid users, and includes some noteworthy features. The API allows user’s to programmatically control their GoGrid environment. This allows users to, for example, auto-scale the GoGrid instance in a timely and efficient manner. The API also enables users to… Read More

  • Samsung Pebble, S3 MP3 players show great promise

    Not to be confused with the PEBL, the Samsung Pebble music player is about the size of the iPod Shuffle and features the same basic button layout although this model has a few EQ presets for the EQ inclined. The players have 1GB of on-board memory and play back MP3, WMA, and OGG. I really have no problems with this thing. It’s almost perfect: small, compact, colorful, and probably cheap. Read More

  • HP offers unlimited online storage with 'Upline'

    And Hewlett Packard, ladies and gentlemen, becomes the first company to offer unlimited online stor — oh, really? Okay. And Hewlett Packard joins a long line of competitors offering unlimited online storage with its new Upline service. It costs $5 per month for one user, $7 per month for a family of three, or $9 per month for three business licenses (expandable to 100). It only works on… Read More

  • Video: Samsung YP-S3 briefly fawned over

    This video showing off the Samsung YP-S3 has started floating around the Internet, and we’re not not above embedding it here. The brief introduction to the diminutive portable media player tells us a few things. For one, and most troubling to me, personally, is the inclusion of touch-sensitive buttons. Real buttons make better buttons (unless it’s haptic, then never mind this… Read More

  • Sleek 'S3' apparently has a clarity-enhancing finish

    If you’re in Korea, you’ll soon be able to pick up ACELAB’s new S3 portable media player which, according to a company official, is surrounded by a special finish that’s supposed to “enhance the clarity of the LCD for better viewing experience.” Clarity-enhancement aside, you’ll get a built-in speaker, FM radio, voice recording, an image viewer, FM… Read More

  • S3 Standy: Make Every Day Earth Day And Save Some Money

    Earth Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we should go back to our Earth-killing habits. Many desktop PC owners blatantly overlook the low power settings on PCs that still allow functionality of network drives and/or remote applications while in Standby state. Maybe, it is a blatant disregard, but with a little guidance you can do some good for the Earth and, possibly, save a… Read More

  • Amazon S3 Reaches 5 Billion Stored Objects

    While I was busy announcing the upcoming TechCrunch20 conference and picking fights with venture capitalists today, Dan Farber was covering the news at the Web 2.0 Expo. One of the more interesting disclosures to surface: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos announced that their S3 storage-on-demand service, which launched just thirteen months ago, surpassed 5 billion stored objects. This is up from… Read More

  • Amazon releases early info on S3 storage use

    Just over three months ago Amazon made a major move beyond online retail with the launch of its S3 grid storage service. The company today released some information about the program’s early progress. Online storage as a utility might seem unexciting to some, but it could be a real boon to innovation. S3 just passed 800 million discrete objects stored and has some interesting… Read More

  • TalkCrunch: Podcast with Amazon S3 Grid Storage Team

    Episode 3 of TalkCrunch is up. We invited in two key Amazon S3 team members, Adam Selipsky (VP of Product Management and Developer Relations for Amazon Web Services) and Dave Barth (Product Manager for S3), to talk about Amazon’s exciting new Grid Storage web service. As I wrote previously, S3 provides a terrific opportunity for startups with great ideas for a storage user interface to… Read More