GoGrid Releases API

Cloud hosting service provider GoGrid has announced the release of its API. The REST-like Query interface is available to all GoGrid users, and includes some noteworthy features.

The API allows user’s to programmatically control their GoGrid environment. This allows users to, for example, auto-scale the GoGrid instance in a timely and efficient manner. The API also enables users to script and chain various commands. For instance, one can simply type “get” available unused IP addresses, “add” a server with unassigned IP, “power” a server when it is ready, etc. It can also be used by resellers to skin their own portals, and allows for 3rd party developers to create management tools for GoGrid instances. It requires no knowledge of WSDL, CORBA or RMI to use, and supports API calls from Java, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby and C# as well as shell scripting language like bash.

GoGrid delivers similar on-demand, pay-by-the-hour server hosting as Amazon’s EC2, but uniquely offers a web-based GUI, Windows Cloud servers, free load balancing, and free support deals.