HP offers unlimited online storage with 'Upline'

upline And Hewlett Packard, ladies and gentlemen, becomes the first company to offer unlimited online stor — oh, really? Okay.

And Hewlett Packard joins a long line of competitors offering unlimited online storage with its new Upline service. It costs $5 per month for one user, $7 per month for a family of three, or $9 per month for three business licenses (expandable to 100).

It only works on PCs and doesn’t handle file versioning, virtual drive or right-click integration, and it won’t back up any files that are open. It does offer password-protected file sharing, automatic watch folder/file-type backup every 15 minutes, and access to your files wherever you have an internet connection.

I don’t really see this taking off any more than every other online backup service out there. For my money, I prefer Amazon’s S3 service and Jungle Disk. It basically sees your Amazon S3 bucket as a drive on your computer, making it really easy to just drag files to it or save things directly to it.

Plus, you only pay for what you use. It’s a little tedious to set up, so these offerings like HP’s Upline service do have their place for less-savvy users who need automatic file backup and are diligent enough to keep everything in the correct watch-folders.

via TechCrunch