Samsung Pebble, S3 MP3 players show great promise

scaled.S2 pebbles group

Not to be confused with the PEBL, the Samsung Pebble music player is about the size of the iPod Shuffle and features the same basic button layout although this model has a few EQ presets for the EQ inclined. The players have 1GB of on-board memory and play back MP3, WMA, and OGG. I really have no problems with this thing. It’s almost perfect: small, compact, colorful, and probably cheap. Unfortunately the 1GB limit might turn off music fans.
scaled.S2 pebbles stack
The S3 follows in the P2’s footsteps and also comes in multiple colors (who doesn’t like colors?). It has a 4 or 8GB of memory, FM tuner, and games and a sexy touch surface with LED backlights. Both players will be available in June.

If I had my druthers, I’d recommend the Pebble. It’s quite classy. I liked the P2 when it came out and the S3 is nice but the Pebble is just stunning.

scaled.S3 red leftscaled.S3 white rightscaled.S3 green front