Sleek 'S3' apparently has a clarity-enhancing finish


If you’re in Korea, you’ll soon be able to pick up ACELAB’s new S3 portable media player which, according to a company official, is surrounded by a special finish that’s supposed to “enhance the clarity of the LCD for better viewing experience.”

Clarity-enhancement aside, you’ll get a built-in speaker, FM radio, voice recording, an image viewer, FM transmitter, video playback, and “up to 4GB of memory capacity is possible with micro SD memory slot,” whatever that means. Does it come with storage or do you BYO memory card? Who knows? Buy one and find out — it’ll be a fun surprise! Battery life is rated at 15 hours for music, 4 for video.

ACELABS to launch new premium mp3p ‘S3’ featuring 2.8-inch LCD [AVING]