• Ah, Tiger LCD handhelds, how do I love thee?

    Let me count the ways. Oh, there’s like a million. Admittedly, the only ones I really remember are Football, Bowling, and possibly Road Race, although I think that one belonged to my friend Reid. OhGizmo remembers Hang-On, also a classic. Back in the day, games were simple enough that it these handhelds actually provided valuable gameplay, although as Gameboys and Playstations saturated… Read More

  • Awesome: Floppy disk album packaging

    A NY band called Science Vs. Witchcraft is releasing an EP soon, and in honor of (I’m sure) their nerdy roots, they’ve designed the packaging with a sweet 80’s diskette vibe. The CD itself is inside a 5.25″ diskette case and when you put it in your computer’s drive, it’ll pop up with a little text-based adventure game. Looks like someone did this before… Read More

  • E3 2008: Mega Man 9 trailer – yes, it's awesome

    [ Oh yeah, baby. I’m going to beat this mother in one sitting no matter what. I’m really glad they went back to about the Mega Man 2 era in terms of skills and enemies since that’s the era I rock. I’m going to play some Mega Man tonight with “Eye of the Tiger” on in the background to get ready for this. Read More

  • Hide your nasty popcorn habit from friends and family

    Oh man, here’s a thing that looks like a juke box but – BUT! – it’s actually a popcorn maker. Behold the future! Not only does it make popcorn, it makes movie theater style popcorn (yay!) using “healthy hot air” (awww). Why can’t they use hot, melty, buttery air mixed with gallons of oil? What about all the delicious trans-fat? If you’re into… Read More

  • Grab a moist towelette for some hot diskette unboxing

    Oh yeaaaah. Mmmm, that’s the stuff. Check out the melt-your-face-hot unboxing of a ten pack of single side, single density floppy disks over at Geekadelphia. Oh man, they’re Wang compatible too. Well, there goes the rest of my afternoon. Hit the jump for some more photos (NSFW). Oh yeaaaah… Read More

  • Top Gun Anthem free on GH3: Legends of Rock for July 4

    I don’t know what else to say about this other than this is completely awesome. This song represents Top Gun, and Top Gun represents America. Out of control, but deadly. Charming, but morally conflicted. Instrumental, yet rocking out. Get a lock on it this Thursday, just enough time to practice before the big 4th party. [via Kotaku] Read More

  • Video: How to replace a Super Nintendo cartridge's battery

    This useful, but out-of-focus, little production explains how to switch out the battery on your old SNES RPGs. When you think about it, you can’t really expect a little watch battery to hold a charge for 15 years. So if you buy a used copy of Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy III (and please do so), there’s a risk that its little battery is going to croak. Like the NES’… Read More

  • Snapped: Old-school Game Boy spotted in non-ironic action

    If Indiana Jones can come back, why not the first real handheld console? It’s a Game Boy, on a train to Philly, but it’s not one of the Game Boy Advances or even one of the ones that came after that, it’s just a Game Boy. Green screen, janky volume knob, and two hour, AA-battery-eating life. You can have your Guitar Hero for DS, or even your iPhone as a game platform. In… Read More

  • Nintendo of Canada auctioning off old games for good cause

    This is pretty cool if you’re an active retro gamer. Canada’s arm of Nintendo found a cache of old NES and SNES video game carts, sealed in packaging, in their old warehouse. Instead of just trashing the deprecated games, they’re auctioning them off, with the proceeds going to the United Way of Canada. They’re going in lots to collectors, and you can get in on the action… Read More

  • Here is a video of Mister Rogers playing Donkey Kong, just to make your Tuesday more surreal

    I actually remember seeing this episode as a kid and thinking, “Whoa”, but I still thought the trolley was cooler. And that is all. [via Joel Johnston’s Boing Boing Gadgets] Read More

  • Blast from the past: Ding-A-Lings

    I am The King Ding! Read More

  • Mix Tape USB: Totally Retro Awesome

    Forget the mix CD. That’s so early 2000s. The way to a girl’s heart these days is to copy your favorite romantic playlist to a thumbdrive and give it to her in this mix tape-inspired case. If a girl ever got me one of these, I’d totally have to marry her or something. Maybe not marry, but we’d at least have cocktails and make out in the back of the bar. No word on… Read More

  • Complete NeXT Computer Set Shows Up On eBay

    Hardcore Apple fans will surely remember NeXT, Steve Jobs’ horrible 1980s venture. Not many of the systems still exist, let alone a complete system. This auction on eBay includes everything from the crazy cube computer, to the branded power cables, to every accessory and piece of software available for NeXTStep. Yeah, it’s about as complete as you can get. It can even connect to… Read More

  • V12's Brionvega Alpha TV Retro Concept Makes Me Glad I Didn't Live in the 1950s

    It was bound to happen: a concept piece of electronics that I don’t like. (Compare that sentiment with previous ones, sirs.) This Alpha TV, designed by V12 Design, reeks of Brionvega, an Italian TV manufacturer from the Old Days. First, the color of the Alpha TV is just atrocious—it reminds of the SNICK couch and its metallic accents just look 1950s malt shoppe tacky. I understand… Read More

  • LG Changes Name Back To Lucky-Goldstar

    This is a shocker from Seoul–apparantly LG has gone all throw-back on us and reverted their name back to Lucky-Goldstar. A bewildering statement issued by the company states: “We have evaluated current marketplace trends and our focus groups tell us that ‘retro’ is the only way we can survive in the ever-crowded consumer electronics marketplace.” More news to… Read More

  • Epson's R-D1 Digital Camera: Old Schoolio, Only For Foolios

    Epson’s retro-looking R-D1 digital camera, originally released way back in in 2004, just received a slight upgrade. Crazy! It now has a 6.1-megapixel sensor (that’s it? I’ve seen cellphones with more than that) and lost some weight, now weighing a slim 5.7-ounces. So yeah, it’s probably not the best camera out there right now, but you’re essentially just paying… Read More

  • CES Knows The Old School

    In the CES press area, they have a wheelbarrow full of dirt, old Sega Genesis games, and a retro Sony boombox. There is no sign, no explanation why, it’s just there. I want that Vectorman 2 cart personally… Read More

  • Panasonic Drops Science in Dope Retro Headphones

    If you’re the type who’s style is flashback, Panasonic’s got the hook up. Its RP-HTX7 headphones look like something you might steal out of your dad’s closet to look good while kicking out old-school beats, but the look belies the modern dynamic response drivers for a crisp, modern sound and tight, smart bass. The quality isn’t just in the tech, though. The… Read More

  • Brew-Yr-Own Crosstitch Nintendo Controller DS Case

    You’ve got a Nintendo DS, some yarn, and a few handy crosstitch grids, so it makes sense (we guess) to knit yo’self a case for your handheld game unit. And if you like your style retro, as we do, it’s natch that you’d fashion said case into an old-school Nintendo controller, and that it would kick crafty ass. Then, being that you’re all DIY and friendly with… Read More

  • Arcade In A Box Is Literally That

    This is not a controller. It is not a component for a MAME cabinet. It is a full-on gaming PC. Burn your PS3 pre-order form, the Arcade In A Box is here to stay. With a full compliment of audio and TV-outs, as well as traditional VGA, this might be the next PC we get. It’s made for gaming, not just in its spec sheet (2.88GHz proc, 512RAM, DVD, XP Home Edition, 128MB video, USB, so on)… Read More