• The Altair is back

    Vince Briel, computer creator, has rebuilt the original Altair 8800, the world’s first home computer, and added a VGA and PS/2 keyboard. The computer emulates Intel’s 8080 processor with an Atmel AVR microcontroller and it has a full complement of exciting lights on the front for you to impress your friends with. Read More

  • Nostalgia week continues with Apple ][, Pascal, and old-fashioned newsletters!

    Hot on the heels of our celebration of the BBS, here’s a pair of retro stories to ease your transition into the weekend. First up is “Pascal Spoken Here“, by Ian Bogost about the subtle shift over the years in how we view computers. Back in 1977 the advertising clearly identified the connection between using, exploring, and learning a computer in ways that you simply… Read More

  • Retro 1977 SLR kit looks like it might take interesting photos

    You’d never get a kit like this on the market today. Too many tiny, delicious pieces. Kids these days all want to know what an objective mirror tastes like; it’s almost like that rarest of delicacies, unicorn flank. But I digress, and this isn’t a cryptoculinary blog. This kit, from way back in 1977, actually let you assemble a real SLR (slightly smaller than standard, but… Read More

  • Blip gets reverse-engineered. Proves that the computer was cheating.

    Hand-held electronics are marvels of miniaturization. The ones that existed before I was born, even more so. Anyone who played Blip might be interested to know two things. First, despite being titled “The Digital Game”, it was in fact 100% mechanically driven. Second, the game was, as you may have claimed many times, actually impossible to beat. Read More

  • The retro game revival continues with Sonic 4: leaked screens and video

    It wasn’t too long ago that I whined that these days, old-school de-makes of games are better than the new-school re-makes they’re meant to promote. It’s not really a problem, since these old-style games are fun as hell, but it’s kind of embarrassing for the industry. As far as I’m concerned, the more retro throwbacks the better. That’s why I was pumped to… Read More

  • These sweet retro flip-clocks are actually quite reasonably priced

    Retro chrome stuff is in demand here in Seattle. It seems like everyone is trying to establish their home as some sort of shrine to “Mad Men.” I even caved and bought this awesome projector screen — trouble is, most of this stuff is super expensive. And one thing I’ve always wanted but have never seemed to find at a decent price is a retro-style clock with the… Read More

  • Wii arcade fighter gamepad good for Hadokens and Shoryukens

    At last count, there are something like six Street Fighter games available for download from the Wii’s Virtual Console section. And for that truly old-school experience, you need a truly old-school controller. The $15 dreamGEAR Arcade Fighter Classic Gamepad for Nintendo Wii looks like it may be able to scratch that itch. Read More

  • Atari-style USB joystick sports built-in emulator

    At first glance, $30 may seem like a lot for a one-button old school Atari joystick with a USB connection. But this one comes with the Stella Atari 2600 and 80 games built right in and you can remove the USB controller board for use with that MAME cabinet you’ve always wanted to build. There’s even labeled solder points on the board for adding additional buttons. Read More

  • inks deal with Activision to sell DRM-free classic adventure games

    Hot damn, you guys. Hot damn. Good Old Games — — is now selling old Activision games for six bucks a pop. And you know what Activision owns? All the old Sierra games. Read More

  • Three Words: Garbage… Pail… Kids

    Yes, Garbage Pail Kids. In 7-foot wall form. If you thought yesterday’s Star Wars Fathead was expensive at $100, then you may balk at the thought of spending $150 on a larger-than-life Garbage Pail Kids poster. Read More

  • How quaint, a review of Sony's very first CD player

    This is great. Original reviews of classic gadgets and computers are fun because you can marvel at the things that were new and mysterious then, but beyond commonplace now. In this review, it is noted that there are many buttons, but no knobs. How things have changed, and now we value knobs as high-end and disparage buttons as peasant interfaces. This one is lower and wider, has a… Read More