• An Atari 810 Disk Drive For MicroSD – Built To Scale

    This is the twee-est disk drive I’ve ever seen! Those of you who are old enough will remember the Atari 400 and 800 systems, with their separate disk drive, the 810. This Rossum character has put together a working replica of the 810 that takes MicroSD cards – at about a hundredth the size. Read More

  • SLG 3000 Gives Your HDTV The Old Scanline Look

    I can’t be the only one that occasionally prefers the look of scanlines to the pixelated or filtered upscaling one sees on modern emulators and virtual consoles. I mean — think what you played Metroid on originally. It sure as hell wasn’t a 50-inch LCD TV upscaling using a proprietary algorithm and doing inter-frame interpolation. If you want that old look while playing… Read More

  • SupaBoy Handheld SNES Gets Priced And Dated

    Last week we heard about the SupaBoy, a sweet Ben Heck-esque hack of a Super Nintendo console into a SNES controller shape. It’s got all the ports you need, plays cartridges, and everything. At the time there was no info on price or date, but Hyperkin has just sent out a press release rectifying that. Read More

  • Get Your Wordstar On With These "Abandon Wear" Shirts

    If you lived through the 80s, you’ll probably want to check out this line of shirts. I mean, there’s no shortage of logo or retro T-shirts, but how often is it you see an Accolade one, or NeXT? Read More

  • Time Waster: Play Old Handheld LCD Games In Your Browser

    Here’s a great way to fritter away your Friday afternoon. Remember those little LCD games you used to play before Game Boy? With only like two or three buttons, and the static graphics? Well, this site has collected about a dozen of them, photographed the assets carefully, and remade them for you to enjoy. Read More

  • Artist's Portraits Of CRTs Turning Off Are Eerily Beautiful

    Gadget-related art is a bit hard to find, but every once in a while something crosses my desk (like the Facade printer, man-powered clock, or high-voltage imagery) that’s just too cool to pass up. These “Luminant Point Arrays” by Stephan Tillmans are photos of the pattern created when you switch off certain old CRT monitors. You know you’ve seen it. You’ve… Read More

  • Every Super Nintendo Game Ever – Yours For $9999!

    Have you ever wanted to own every SNES game ever (or at least the NTSC ones)? Well you’re in luck, if you’re also rich. A lot of all 720 games released in the US is on the block at eBay, a refreshing change from the many NES lots of the same type. It’s the ten thousand dollar price tag that gives me pause. Read More

  • CMYKilla Pixel-Pistol Is An 8-Bit Peacekeeper

    I don’t know what to tell you other than that this pixel art come to life would be fun to have around the house. Unfortunately it doesn’t fire mega buster or spread shot bullets, since it’s just solid wood. CMYKilla is all right but I’d have called it the “Dirty Squarey.” Pick one up over at Etsy for fifty rupees. There are also daggers. [via Nerd Approved] Read More

  • Game & Watch Replica Available To Nintendo Devotees

    If you’re a part of the Nintendo Club, a rewards system they have for registering products and filling out surveys, there’s a sweet new prize you can take aim at. This replica Game & Watch is “a faithful reproduction of Nintendo’s first handheld gaming system, originally released in 1980.” Pretty awesome. Read More

  • Original Mail-Order Rad Racer 3D Glasses On eBay

    No, these really aren’t any different from regular red-blue 3D glasses. If anything, they’re of lower quality. But it’s just fun to revel in the fact that you could do 3D back in the day (in such an awesome game, no less, plus these worked on 3D WorldRunner), so that makes these glasses just plain sweet. [via GameSniped] Read More

  • Lomography Sprocket Rocket Is A Compact Retro-Cam

    Lomography’s latest camera is a bite-sized guy with a panoramic lens and, of course, manual film advance. It’s called the Sprocket Rocket, and it’s about as simple as cameras get these days. The lens is extra-wide-angle to capture extra-full-bleed on the film (i.e. you can print the sprocket holes and numbering), and there are two knobs, for forward and backward film scrolling. Read More

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