Raspberry Pi

Build Your Own DIY Raspberry Pi Minecraft Server

As we approach the doldrums of winter what could be more cheerful than hours of incessant Minecrafting with you and your loved ones? While you can easily run a server on any computer (the program requ

Raspberry Pi Model A+ Arrives — The Cheapest And Smallest Pi Yet

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced an updated version of its Model A board, called the Model A+, along with a $5 price drop to just $20.

This Portable Raspberry Pi Console Will Bring Back The Arcade Games Of Your Misspent Youth

The eNcade hopes to capitalize on your misplaced nostalgia. Essentially a Raspberry Pi inside a cute case, the portable console promises to add online multi-player to classic games, thereby allowing y

Raspberry Pi Founder Shows Off Incoming Touch Panel For Making DIY ‘Pi Pads’

Eben Upton, the founder of the Raspberry Pi microcomputer, has shown off a new piece of hardware that's likely to expand the ecosystem around its single board computer -- namely a touchscreen display.

The Pi-Top, A Raspberry Pi-Powered Laptop, Is Hitting The Crowdfunding Trail

Yee-haw! Saddle up and roll ’em out because the Pi-Top Raspberry Pi laptop is ready to ride! We last met this laptop when it was still a gleam in a group of students’ eye. Now it’s a

Raspberry Pi Microcomputer Still Selling Like Hot Cakes

Sales of low cost microcomputer have now passed 3.8 million, according to the Pi Foundation.

Join Eben Upton, Father Of The Raspberry Pi, At Disrupt London

The Raspberry Pi has made hardware hacking as easy as, I suppose, pie. This tiny single-board computer launched a thousand projects and has sold 3 million units so far, a true juggernaut in the world

Kano Ships Its First 18,000 Learn-To-Code Computer Kits, Fueled By $1.5M Kickstarter

Kano Computing, a startup that plays in the learn to code space by adding a step-by-step hand-holding layer atop the Raspberry Pi single-board microcomputer to make hacking around with code and lea

If You Watch One Video Featuring An Arduino-Powered Stepper Motor Music Box Today, Make It This One

Today in devices that use stepper motors to make beautiful music we present to you this Arduino-powered, Raspberry-Pi containing music box that uses simple stepper motors to grind out merry tunes and

Up Close With The Biggest Joystick In The World (That We Know Of)

A member of the Udoo team, Michelangelo Guarise, was at the Maker Faire in New York this weekend with a special treat: something that appears to be one of the biggest working joysticks in the world. B

UK Engineers 3D Print Their Own Raspberry Pi Laptop

Is there anything a robotic system for the extrusion of plastic in to solid forms over time can't do? We present to you today the Pi-Top, a Raspberry Pi-based laptop that is completely 3D-printed and

Raspberry Pi Gets A Better Browser

For most of the English-speaking world, Raspberry Pi getting a new, improved web browser is a blip at best. But for a few elite hackers and educators, it’s a blessing. For years, RaspPi users ha

UniPi Is A Powerful Board That Can Control Your Smart Home

In the near future we will all live in smart homes. Our doors will open automatically, our air conditioners will know when we are too hot, and our toilets will understand our deepest needs. And the de

Indian Inventor Makes A Decidedly Unsexy (But Cool) Open Source Glass Clone

Now don’t laugh. I see what you’re about to say: this project looks like a mess. But trust me when I tell you this thing could be slapped to your face sooner than later, provided you prefe

This DIY Game Boy With A Raspberry Pi Inside Can Play All Your Favorite Classic Games

A hack project by DIY enthusiast and gamer John Hassl has given new life to the original Game Boy, thanks to a helping hand from the Raspberry Pi, the $35 complete computer that fits in the palm of yo

The PiPhone Is A DIY Cellphone Powered By Raspberry Pi

The <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/tag/Raspberry-Pi">Raspberry Pi</a> is a mini computer, just like most smartphones, so it stands to reason that you can create what amounts to a home-brew cellp

Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into A Computer From The 80s Using Commodore Pi

As a former user of the Atari 800XL, I find the Commodore line to be piffle at best but I'll become a bit more catholic in my support of decades-old hardware and tell you a bit about the Commodore Pi,

How To Play Quake (Again) On Your Raspberry Pi

A month ago, the folks at Raspberry Pi announced that they now had access, <a target="_blank" href="http://blog.broadcom.com/chip-design/android-for-all-broadcom-gives-developers-keys-to-the-videocore

Element 14 Releases A $33 Sound Card For The Raspberry Pi

The maker of the popular Raspberry Pi just announced a little soundcard, perfect for pairing with the 'Berry Pi. The <a target="_blank" href="http://www.element14.com/community/community/raspberry-pi/

Raspberry Pi Chalks Up Sales Of 2.5M+ As It Turns Two — $10K Bounty Offered For Opening Its Blob

Happy Birthday Raspberry Pi! The low-cost Linux microcomputer has just turned two years old. And boy how it's grown.
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