RS Components Celebrates Raspberry Pi’s Birthday With A Limited Blue Edition

Hungry for a blue Raspberry Pi, anyone? RS Components has just that. With a blue board, blue casing, and a certificate of authenticity, this limited Model B Revision 2 is a great way to celebrate the Pi’s 1st birthday. Too bad you can’t just buy it.

These anniversary boards are not for sale. RS Components is issuing them to a variety of developer, enthusiast and non-profit channels. But since the Raspberry Pi is aimed at these markets anyway, this is a noble move. No doubt several will show up for sale on eBay and fan boards anyway, where they’ll fetch crazy prices from diehard fans.

RS Components is also giving several away on twitter. DesignSpark has all the details.

The Raspberry Pi had an incredible first year. More than a million boards were sold and new models are in the works. Thanks to its low price and versatility, the Raspberry Pi is introducing (and in some cases, reintroducing) legions of computer users to the magic of raw computing.

“I remember when Raspberry Pis were rare enough that I had a spreadsheet that told me where they were in the world,” founder Eben Upton previously told John Biggs. “Now we’re a million Pis in.”