Raspberry Pi

3D Slash Brings 3D Design To The Raspberry Pi

3D Slash, a free 3D design application, is now fully Raspberry Pi-compatible and works on the Pi-Top, an educational minicomputer based on the Raspberry Pi. The program allows students to design 3D ob

DIY Computer For Kids Maker Kano Ships Its Build-Your-Own Screen Kit

Learn-to-code startup Kano is now shipping a 10.1-inch HD display to go with its keyboard plus Raspberry Pi DIY computer kit for kids.

Now You Can Design Your Own Raspberry Pi

Hardware startups building atop the Raspberry Pi microprocessor -- of which there are plenty already -- can now order custom tweaks to the hardware to better tailor the Pi to fit the needs of their bu


Last week a 14-year-old boy brought a tech project to school setting off a wave of controversy. He is a Maker and he wanted to show his teacher a fun thing he put together. The resulting reaction was

Raspberry Pi Now Makes A Touchscreen Display So You Can Build Your Own PiPad Pro

So you decided to stick to the Raspberry Pi architecture and have completely eschewed the Orange Pi? Good for you. In honor of your decision I offer a new $60 Raspberry Pi touchscreen that can turn yo

Raspberry, Shmazberry, There’s A $15 Single Board Computer Called The Orange Pi

Is $35 for a Raspberry Pi too rich for you blood? Do you prefer using sparsely-supported but cheap single board computers? Are you willing to ignore the obviously goofy name “Orange Pi?” T

RetroPie 3 Lets You Play Old Games On Your New Pi

The RetroPie project has always been one of the best things about the Raspberry Pi. This software suite turns your tiny, single-board computer into a retro gaming engine and has powered such exciting

Back Up And Sync Your Files Inside A Mason Jar With Raspberry Preserve

Do you like the concept of backup services like Dropbox or Box but don’t want to relinquish control of your data? Well now you can keep your files safely stored in your own pantry, right next t

Teach Kids Tech And Life With A Pi-Powered DIY Camera Trap

U.K. startup Naturebytes is bringing a different emphasis to the tech-plus-education space. It's aiming to combine hackable technology with a mission to spark kids' curiosity in the great outdoors.

How To Install Windows 10 IoT On Your Raspberry Pi 2

Thanks to the release of Windows 10 for multiple single-board computers, tinkerers are now waking up to the possibility of running Windows as a usable and surprisingly polished alternative open source

The UDOO Neo Adds More Power To The Ultimate DIY Board

The original UDOO board was pretty amazing. A merging of Raspberry Pi and Arduino, the system let you run a tiny computer on a single board as well as control electronic projects. It was a very geeky

Raspberry Pi Sales Pass 5 Million

A round of applause for the U.K.-made Raspberry Pi microcomputer -- which has just passed the 5 million sales mark, some three years after it was first launched with the over-modest goal of selling "a

CrunchWeek: Raspberry PI, Microsoft Buys Sunrise, And Drunk Drones

There is nothing that is better to soothe your Crunchies hangover than a breezy video clip with John Biggs, Greg Kumparak, and myself, digging through the biggest, and most interesting story of the w

Flotilla Simplifies Electronics Tinkering — Just Add Pi

Flotilla consists of a series of plug and play hardware modules that are controlled by a Pi but can be programmed via different software interfaces, depending on the user's skill level.

Build Your Own DIY Raspberry Pi Minecraft Server

As we approach the doldrums of winter what could be more cheerful than hours of incessant Minecrafting with you and your loved ones? While you can easily run a server on any computer (the program requ

Raspberry Pi Model A+ Arrives — The Cheapest And Smallest Pi Yet

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced an updated version of its Model A board, called the Model A+, along with a $5 price drop to just $20.

This Portable Raspberry Pi Console Will Bring Back The Arcade Games Of Your Misspent Youth

The eNcade hopes to capitalize on your misplaced nostalgia. Essentially a Raspberry Pi inside a cute case, the portable console promises to add online multi-player to classic games, thereby allowing y

Raspberry Pi Founder Shows Off Incoming Touch Panel For Making DIY ‘Pi Pads’

Eben Upton, the founder of the Raspberry Pi microcomputer, has shown off a new piece of hardware that's likely to expand the ecosystem around its single board computer -- namely a touchscreen display.

The Pi-Top, A Raspberry Pi-Powered Laptop, Is Hitting The Crowdfunding Trail

Yee-haw! Saddle up and roll ’em out because the Pi-Top Raspberry Pi laptop is ready to ride! We last met this laptop when it was still a gleam in a group of students’ eye. Now it’s a

Raspberry Pi Microcomputer Still Selling Like Hot Cakes

Sales of low cost microcomputer have now passed 3.8 million, according to the Pi Foundation.
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