Happy Birthday, Raspberry Pi! A Chat With Creators Eben And Liz Upton, Pi-Friend Limor Fried

The Raspberry Pi project is one year old today, having launched on February 29, 2012 (they’re going to have a rager of a party in 2016.) I sat down with the Pi-parents themselves, Eben and Liz Upton, as well as Pi-supporter Limor Fried AKA Lady Ada of Adafruit Industries to talk about the special occasion.

The current incarnation of the Pi, the Model B, just sold its millionth unit and the Uptons are hard at work at new versions of the beloved mini-computer. The popularity has stunned supporters in the UK and the US alike and we talked about education, the future of the Pi, the mystery of the ultra-rare Model A owned by Lady Ada, the only unit of its kind in America.

“I remember when Raspberry Pis were rare enough that I had a spreadsheet that told me where they were in the world,” said Eben. “Now we’re a million Pis in.”

The Pi is computing of the best sort – it’s a little intimidating at first and then an amazing amount of fun. If the Upton’s vision comes to fruition, expect to see an entire generation of computer-educated kids rolling through the school systems around the world, ready to take on the future.