• Pioneer releases new high-end plasma TV in Japan

    Today Pioneer unveiled its new flagship TV [JP], which will go on sale in Japan at the end of this month. The KRP-600M marks the 9th generation of Kuro plasma TVs. The 60-inch display features full HD in 1920×1080. It comes with the following inputs: 1x video, 1xS-VHS, 1xcomponent, 1xDVI-D and 1xPC. An Ethernet connection is also available. Pioneer claims that compared to previous… Read More

  • Pioneer says HD Radio succcess should be decided by open market, not forced inclusion

    IBiquity, the company behind HD Radio, is making enemies all over the place, the latest of which is Pioneer. The Japan-based corp, which makes the popular Inno, recently told the FCC [PDF] that iBiquity’s scheme to force satellite radio manufacturers to include HD Radio playback is absurd. Says Pioneer: The iBiquity conditions would limit the breadth of radio product offerings to… Read More

  • Your girlfriend won't think you're cheap for buying these Zirconia headphones

    In addition to duping non-detail-oriented lady-friends into long-term relationships, it seems Zirconia is also useful for constructing headphone drivers — or something. I’m not an acoustical engineer, so I’ll have to defer to the guys at Panasonic on the topic of how the crystal prevents sound distortion. Now, sound quality is a subjective thing, but I think we can all… Read More

  • Pioneer drops a pair of high-end Blu-ray decks

    Pioneer’s launching more fun stuff today, including a pair of Blu-ray players for its home theater line. The Elite BDP-05FD and Pioneer BDP-51FD are both next-gen players with features that look great on paper, including HDMI 1.3, dedicated video and audio processors, and 1080p upconverting of regular DVDs. I have a 720p upconverting Pioneer player and it actually looks quite good. The… Read More

  • Pioneer's "absolute black" feature sounds sinister but effective

    The new KURO line of TVs from Pioneer have one thing in mind: blackness. I’m okay with that. They say that the new line of KUROs has blacks several times deeper than the last line, though at this point I start wondering whether we’re getting diminishing returns; one can only see so much black. I think it’s a “see for yourself” kind of thing, and I look forward to it. Read More

  • Pioneer expanding KURO into projectors

    Pioneer announced this morning that they will be expanding their KURO initiative into projectors. The Elite KURO projector will be full HD (1080p) and features a wide lens shift capacity and support for HDMI 1.3. Only serious home theater buffs need apply next month since the projector will go for $9,000. Read More

  • Pioneer's Blu-Ray players leaked

    Giz has the skinny on the latest BR players from Pioneer. All of them include Profile 1.1, so there’s no interactivity but there is PIP. There are also some video improvements, but nothing earthshattering. When, I wonder, will BR players be as ubiquitous and boring as DVD players? Read More

  • CES 2008: Name brands add features to battle cheaper HDTVs

    AP image It’s Day Two of the Consumer Electronics Show—time to start analyzing, looking for trends, seeing what’s hot and what’s not. Right now, we’ll focus on HDTVs. In case you hadn’t noticed, unknown companies from Asia (mostly China) are moving in on the HDTV space, which must frighten the… Read More

  • Pioneer's New AV Receivers Rock the High-Def

    Product Name:Pioneer VSX-518-K, VSX-818V-K, VSX-918V-K and VSX-1018TXH-K
    Description: Pioneer just updated its AV receiver line with the VSX-518-K, VSX-818V-K, VSX-918V-K and VSX-1018TXH-K, all of which sport plenty of high-def goodness. The high-end VSX-1018-K supports HDMI 1.3 and does on-board decoding of HD audio formats like Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD Master Audio, and… Read More

  • Pioneer looses two slim DVD players

    DV-310 Product Name: DV-310 and DV-410V Description: Pioneer’s latest slim DVD players, DV-310 and DV-410v, are said to enhance the performance of the following media formats: DVD-R/RW, +R/RW, CD-R/RW, SVCD and VCD. Along with enhanced performance of said media formats, both players provide playback fo WMA and MP3 compressed audio files from discs or USB jump drives. They’re also… Read More

  • Pioneer Project Kuro

    Product Name: Project Kuro
    Description: 50-inch flat panel display that weighs a mere 41 pounds and is the thinnest panel at 9mm.
    Price: Concept
    In-store date: These fully-operational concept televisions will not be commercially-available in 2008.
    Why it’s cool: It’s cool, but it’s a concept so don’t get your hopes up just yet. Read More

  • Pioneer still knows how to kick it, makes new SACD player

    Talk about a minimalist design. The new Pioneer PD-D9 is a beautiful-looking SACD player that can play all your favorite SACDs like Frampton and The Police with ease, along with MP3 and WMA CDs, regular CDs and AM/FM radio. Though Sony offers an inexpensive SACD player, Pioneer begs to differ. This PD-D9 will set you back over $1200. Worth it? Depends on how much its sleek design makes you… Read More

  • New Pioneer headphones for the anal-retentive audiophile in all of us

    Wow, that’s a lot of ear thingies. The Pioneer SE-CLX9 (made with aluminum) and SE-CLX7 (made with metal) ear canal headphones let you switch between five different combinations of in-ear adapters that return different levels of bass and treble. Read More

  • Amazing 3D gesture-based Pioneer GPS system I was wandering around the show floor when I came upon this little gem. It’s a gesture-based 3D system that lets you control your dashboard GPS/radio with a wave of your finger. It’s over at the Carrozzeria booth, which is an offshoot of Pioneer. The icons that pop up float in 3D and you wave and bat… Read More

  • Pioneer AVIC-HRZ009G spruces up your car, fails to impress women

    The Pioneer AVIC-HRZ009G is a sweet all-in-one GPS and entertainment solution for the drab center console in your Civic. In case you can’t tell by the catchy name, the system sports some awesome features like DivX playback and iPod compatibility. The AVIC also packs a 40 gig HDD, analog TV tuner, and a standard DVD disk drive . Don’t hold your breath if you’re in the… Read More

  • Pioneer Kuro HDTVs Only Do 720p

    Wow. Pioneer is trying a little too hard to advertise its Kuro line of HDTVs. Pioneer’s plasmas are usually fine, so its “look how great they are!” is a little troubling. The Kuro line is split in two: the Kuro and the Elite Kuro. Both are available in 42-, 50- and 60-inch models, but none of them are 1080p. Hmmm… Strange, considering it’s 2007. Both models have… Read More

  • Pioneer Announces Four Elite A/V Receivers

    VSX-90TXV Pioneer isn’t being sheepish about their intentions to take over the home entertainment division with the announcement of four A/V receivers that deliver superb HD audio and video. The Elite receivers, VSX-90TXV, VSX-91TXH, VSX-92TXH and VSX-94TXH, will be the center of your home theater system because of the 1.3A HDMI (only 91-TXH, 92-TXH and 94-TXH) connectivity. The… Read More

  • Pioneer Drops Cheapish PC Blu-ray Drive

    Blu-ray is winning and Pioneer agrees! The BDC-2202 PC drive was announced a few days ago, but here’s the real deal. The drive will playback Blu-ray discs as well as read and write to DVD and CD. The 2202 can read BD-ROM/BD-R/BD-RE at up to 5X and can read BD-ROM (DL) and BD-R/-RE (DL) at up to 2X speed. You can even create your own DVD movies and digital photo slideshows and the… Read More

  • Pioneer Announces Elite BDP-94HD Blu-ray Player

    Along with the new 8th-gen plasmas announced today is a Blu-ray player from Pioneer, the Elite BDP-94HD. There isn’t a whole lot to drool over, but the BDP-94HD can be seamlessly integrated into your home theater system via HDMI Consumer Electronics Control Technology. One remote control for all your home theater gadgets…awesome! Unfortunately you’ll have to deal with a 1.2… Read More

  • Pioneer Project Kuro First Impression

    I just got back from seeing the new Pioneer HDTVs and, wow, I’m impressed. The difference between the 720p and 1080p picture quality was barely noticeable, though. Details remain the same from our earlier post, but now we have pricing and launch dates. UPDATE:Optimum Mode not only adjusts picture brightness according to surrounding light, but also adjusts according to what type of… Read More