• Sound Wing: Pioneer Announces Their First HVT Speaker

    In the fall of last year, Pioneer introduced the HVT (Horizontal-Vertical Transforming) technology [PDF, in English] during CEATEC 2010 in Tokyo. HVT makes it possible to “drastically reduce the thickness of speakers” and keep down unwanted vibrations – all without losing audio quality, according to Pioneer. Read More

  • Pioneer Announces New Receivers, Airplay In Top Model

    Today, Pioneer announced four new A/V receivers to join their VSX line. All of the new receivers are smartphone compatible with an optional Bluetooth adapter, and can stream audio from the devices. The top end model, the VSX-1021 ($549), is the one to get as it has a ton of connectivity to smartphones and computers, and is compatible with Apple’s new Airplay. Read More

  • Sharp & Pioneer Resurrect The Pioneer Elite Display Line

    (My son a few years back in front of a 60-inch Pioneer Elite plasma. He *loved* it.) There was a time when the Pioneer Elite display was the cream of the crop, the top dog, the big kid on the bus, you know, the best damn TV available. But even having the best color and black level reproduction on the market, the expensive line couldn’t withstand the recession and the onslaught of cheap… Read More

  • Pioneer Prototypes Android-based Cyclocomputer (Video)

    If you thought Android can be used just to power phones, tablets, TVs or similar devices, think again: Pioneer is now using the Google OS (version unknown) in the development of a “next-generation” cyclometer. It helps users track four main parameters: speed, cadence, heart rate, and power. Read More

  • Pioneer Japan Outs Stylish Cordless Phones

    Everybody may own at least one cell phone nowadays, but that doesn’t mean fixed line networks are dead. Case in point: Pioneer Japan’s TF-FN2000 [JP], a new series of cordless phones that will be available in black, white and red. Read More

  • Pioneer Announces Another Two 3D Blu-Ray Players

    The 3D boom knows no end. Pioneer Japan today announced [JP] two Blu-ray players supporting 3D content, the BDP-LX54 (pictured above) as the high-end model, and the BDP-430. Apart from Blu-ray discs, the players are also compatible to the following formats: DivX HD, MKV, WMV, MP3, WMA, and JPEG. Read More

  • Pioneer And Buffalo Show World's First BDXL-compatible PC Blu-Ray Burners

    BDXL is now entering the computer market, too. Pioneer Japan today announced [JP] the BDR-206MBK, the world’s first Blu-ray burner for PCs supporting the new format. The internal device is compatible to BD-R XL discs with three (100GB) or four layers (128GB) and BD-RE XL discs with 3 layers (100GB). Read More

  • Pioneer Announces Two New Speaker Systems

    Pioneer announced two new speaker systems for DJs and music producers. Both systems are active reference, and product studio quality sound in a compact package. Expect to pay for this level of quality of course, the 5-inch DJ05 will set you back $899, and the 8-inch S-DJ08 will cost $1199 when they come out this January. Check out the press release after the jump. Read More

  • Pioneer bringing Pandora to the dashboard with new iPhone app

    Pioneer is taking a big step in bridging the two landmasses of Internet radio and vehicle entertainment. By utilizing a free iPhone app, Pandora Link, the company is bringing Pandora to two of its latest systems, the Pioneer AVIC-Z120BT and AVIC-X920BT navigation systems. Simply run the app and connect the iPhone to head unit with the USB cable; the in-dash radio system will then displays all… Read More