Pioneer Announces Wireless Speaker Specifically Designed For The Elderly

<img src="" /> Pioneer <a href="">announced</a> [JP] the VMS-700-K for the Japanese

Sound Wing: Pioneer Announces Their First HVT Speaker

<img src="" /> In the fall of last year, Pioneer introduced the <a href="

Pioneer Announces New Receivers, Airplay In Top Model

Today, Pioneer announced four new A/V receivers to join their VSX line. All of the new receivers are smartphone compatible with an optional Bluetooth adapter, and can stream audio from the devices. Th

Sharp & Pioneer Resurrect The Pioneer Elite Display Line

(My son a few years back in front of a 60-inch Pioneer Elite plasma. He *loved* it.) There was a time when the Pioneer Elite display was the cream of the crop, the top dog, the big kid on the bus, you

Pioneer Prototypes Android-based Cyclocomputer (Video)

<img src="" /> If you thought <a href="">Android</a> can be used jus

Pioneer Japan Outs Stylish Cordless Phones

<img src="" /> Everybody may own at least one cell phone nowadays, but that doesn't mean fixed line networks are dead. Case i

Pioneer Announces Another Two 3D Blu-Ray Players

<img src="" /> The <a href="">3D</a> boom knows no end. Pioneer Japan today <a href="http://p

Pioneer And Buffalo Show World's First BDXL-compatible PC Blu-Ray Burners

<img src="" /> <a href="">BDXL</a> is now entering the computer market, too. Pioneer Japa

Pioneer Announces Two New Speaker Systems

<img src="" />Pioneer announced two new speaker systems for DJs and music producers. Both systems are active reference, and pr

Pioneer bringing Pandora to the dashboard with new iPhone app

<img src="">Pioneer is taking a big step in bridging the two landmasses of Internet radio and vehicle entertainment. By utilizing a

Carnaby: Pioneer's very special car navigation mini robot (videos)

<img src="" /> What do you get when you cross a car navigation system with a wacky mini robot? You get <a href="http://pionee

New Pioneer speaker system can link to 2 iPods or iPhones

<img src="" /> <a href="">Pioneer</a> is about to release yet <a href="http://www.crunchg

Pioneer outs four "Works with iPhone" certified speaker docks

<img src="">iPod speaker docks are still big business and Pioneer just announced three solid high-end contenders. Whether you're look

Pioneer lets you control its new Blu-ray players with your iPhone

<img src="" /> Pioneer may have <a href="

AS-iP70: Kenwood's iPhone/iPod-compatibe 7-inch "multimedia system"

<img src="" /> Kenwood Japan has <a href="">announced</a> [JP] the AS-iP

Pioneer outs the low-priced, surprisingly competent VSX-820-K and VSX-520-K AV receivers

<img src="">Pioneer's latest home theater receivers aren't amazing. They're not jam-packed with all crazy one-off audio modes or loaded

Pioneer's "Cherry" and "Leather Belt" Earphones

<img src="" /> I don't know what it is about Japan and earphones, but this country does offer <a href="

Pioneer shutting down its Premier car audio line at the end of 2009

<img src="">The car audio market isn't what it used to be. The days of half-din radios and crappy stock speakers are long gone. As OEM s

Digital Contents Expo Tokyo: Pioneer's awesome 3D display "Floating Vision" (video)

<img src="" /> Pioneer has showcased the Floating Vision at the <a href="

Woot! Pioneer Blu-ray player for $135

Some people are jerks about their AV gear. They simply must have certain brands. If that’s you and Pioneer is your company of choice, head over to Woot for a surprisingly good deal on a modern B
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