Pioneer Announces Android Support For AppRadio 2

AppRadio has always been a pretty sweet offering from Pioneer, but something important was missing: support for Android. In 2012, however, Pioneer’s new AppRadio 2 platform will support both iPhone 4/4S as well as select Android phones.

It has built-in Bluetooth, which only makes sense in the car, along with two configurable RCA Pre-outs for connecting to aftermarket or OEM amplifiers. The AppRadio 2 also comes with a full 7-inch touchscreen.

The new model will go for $499.

The earlier model of AppRadio will not support Android, but is available with the iPhone 4 and 4S, and has a bit of a smaller screen at just 6.1-inches.

Pioneer is also launching the Advanced App Mode Dev Center, which is a website committed to open communications with developers and for the distribution of the SDK. In layman’s terms, just about anyone can now get access to the SDK to build an app for the AppRadio.

Pioneer is also launching Advanced App Mode, which brings all of the AppRadio apps running on the iPhone under control of the in-dash navigation and DVD receiver models. That means there will be full featured multimedia receiver with both AppRadio and disc playback, offering the highest performance for both platforms.