Zypr Releases API That Lets You Control Your Favorite Web Services With Your Voice

Pioneer Electronics today announced a nifty new service called Zypr, a platform that collects your favorite web services all in one place and allows you to control them using your voice — on any connected device. Today, our experience of the Web is fragmented across devices, as we use each device, be it a phone, tablet, etc, for their traditional uses, yet each of them is connected but few of them are cooperating. Zypr’s API is designed to simplify device connectivity to the many devices and applications we use on a daily basis, including in-vehicle entertainment, tablets, TVs, and smartphone apps, aggregating them in a single portal, under a single account. It’s a consistent way to access voice UI, maps and routing, local search, social networking, music, radio, etc. from your car, from home, from work, or on your smartphone at the grocery store.

In terms of inter-device cooperation, the Zypr API enables devices to access and share web info more easily and to create mashups of the info that is most important to them. On the other side, for device manufacturers, Zypr enables them to be the creators of those mashups from multiple sources and gives them customization and control of the user experience without requiring use of an app store. Through use of the cloud, device makers can more easily handle the fluctuating service landscape without changing the device or breaking service to the user.

Developers and device makers can access the Zypr cloud using a RESTful API, which is similar in concept to any other API, and after obtaining a free license, device makers and app developers can access the API through HTTP calls, using common languages and OSes.

What you’ll see in the YouTube video below is an example of what someone could build using Zypr.