Potternavi: Pioneer Announces 3G-Equipped GPS For Bikes

Pioneer yesterday announced the so-called Potternavi [JP], a GPS for bicycles that will be available in white or black. Buyers can expect a 2.4-inch color LCD with 240×320 resolution, ANT+ support, an acceleration sensor, a USB port, and 10 hours of battery life.

Pioneer says that the Potternavi not only shows maps and directions but also lets users look for popular spots, for example the nearest restaurant or store. It also gives tips for healthy biking, indicates which actions burn how many calories etc.

What’s interesting is that it supports 3G provided by Japan’s biggest mobile carrier NTT Docomo (the first 2 years are free of charge).

Pioneer plans to start selling the Potternavi in Japan in February next year (price: US$527). The Nikkei is reporting that the 100g device will hit the US and European markets sometime “next summer”, too.

Via AV Watch [JP]