Pinecone’s vector database gets a new serverless architecture

For a long time, vector databases were a bit of a niche product, but because they are uniquely suited to provide context and long-term memory to large language models, everybody in the database space

Pinecone drops $100M investment on $750M valuation, as vector database demand grows

When Pinecone launched a vector database aimed at data scientists in 2021, it was probably ahead of its time. But as the use cases began to take shape last year, the company began pushing AI-driven se

Pinecone vector database can now handle hybrid keyword-semantic search

When Pinecone announced a vector database at the beginning of last year, it was building something that was specifically designed for machine learning and aimed at data scientists. The idea was that y

Zilliz, the startup behind the Milvus open source vector database for AI apps, raises $60M, relocates to SF

In 2020, Chinese startup Zilliz — which builds cloud-native software to process data for AI applications and unstructured data analytics, and is the creator of Milvus, the popular open source ve

Pinecone announces $28M Series A for purpose-built database aimed at data scientists

When Pinecone launched last year, the company’s message was around building a serverless vector database designed specifically for the needs of data scientists. While that database is at the cor

Pinecone lands $10M seed for purpose-built machine learning database

Pinecone, a new startup from the folks who helped launch Amazon SageMaker, has built a vector database that generates data in a specialized format to help build machine learning applications faster, s