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Hack Combines Philips Hue And IFTTT To Change Lights Via Text Message

Philips graciously released an API a few months ago for its Hue smartphone-controlled smart lightbulb to let developers tinker, and already there are a number of apps taking advantage. Today, mobile d

LIFX Smart Bulb Opens Up Second Batch Of 100K Pre-Orders, Demos Gesture-Based Dimming

Australian hardware startup and Kickstarter success story LIFX has good news for people who missed out on backing the initial project: it's opening up a second round of pre-orders, with a new producti

Philips Debuts Open APIs And An iOS SDK For Hue Connected Lighting System

Philips Hue is a lighting system that changes the definition of what your standard home lighting setup is, and now there's an official developer program for the innovative Wi-Fi-connected bridge and b

Ambify, A Music App For The Philips Hue Lighting System, Shows The Potential Of The Connected Home

The Philips Hue lighting system is pretty neat on its own – it lets you control lighting in your house from your iPhone or iPad, adjusting bulb color and brightness remotely via your Wi-Fi network.

The Philips Hue Is The Perfect Minecraft Accessory To Track The Day/Night Cycle

It's hard to find a compelling use case for the Philips Hue. But <a target="_blank" href="">Jim Rutherford</a> and <a target="_blank" href="

Gift Guide: Philips Hue

Philips Hue are wireless LED lightbulbs that are controlled via an iOS app -- allowing you to change the shade and intensity of light they beam out, turn the bulbs on and off remotely, and set them to