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Philips Hue Continues To Dominate Smart Lighting With New BR30, GU10 And Disney Lights

Philips announced an expansion to its Hue line of connected light bulbs today, with new BR30, GU10 and Disney StoryLight products. The new lights and accessories add to the growing family of Philips p

Goldee Does Dynamic Lighting For Philips Hue, Banks On A Future Where Light Isn’t Static

A brand new app called Goldee launches today, offering Phlips Hue users a new way to use their connected lighting system. The app provides dynamic "light scenes" which use artist-sourced photos as the

Control Philips Hue From Your Mac’s Menu Bar With New App For OS X

Philips Hue is a fun but expensive way to turn your at-home lighting into an interactive experience to pass your idle hours, but so far it's been mostly controlled via smartphone. Chances are, you spe

Hack Combines Philips Hue And IFTTT To Change Lights Via Text Message

Philips graciously released an API a few months ago for its Hue smartphone-controlled smart lightbulb to let developers tinker, and already there are a number of apps taking advantage. Today, mobile d

LIFX Smart Bulb Opens Up Second Batch Of 100K Pre-Orders, Demos Gesture-Based Dimming

Australian hardware startup and Kickstarter success story LIFX has good news for people who missed out on backing the initial project: it's opening up a second round of pre-orders, with a new producti

Philips Debuts Open APIs And An iOS SDK For Hue Connected Lighting System

Philips Hue is a lighting system that changes the definition of what your standard home lighting setup is, and now there's an official developer program for the innovative Wi-Fi-connected bridge and b

Ambify, A Music App For The Philips Hue Lighting System, Shows The Potential Of The Connected Home

The Philips Hue lighting system is pretty neat on its own – it lets you control lighting in your house from your iPhone or iPad, adjusting bulb color and brightness remotely via your Wi-Fi network.

The Philips Hue Is The Perfect Minecraft Accessory To Track The Day/Night Cycle

It's hard to find a compelling use case for the Philips Hue. But <a target="_blank" href="">Jim Rutherford</a> and <a target="_blank" href="

Gift Guide: Philips Hue

Philips Hue are wireless LED lightbulbs that are controlled via an iOS app -- allowing you to change the shade and intensity of light they beam out, turn the bulbs on and off remotely, and set them to