Vivaldi’s updated browser syncs smart light bulbs to ‘the color of the web’

I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s probably pretty tough getting the public to notice your new browser. Most internet users are pretty set in their ways at this point. There are some pretty good options out there, and really, switching is a pain once you’ve got everything set to your liking.

Launched last year by an ex-Opera chief exec, Vivaldi is targeted at power users looking for more control and customization that current offerings. And, indeed, the baby browser features some fun tricks, like the ability to take notes tied to specific site, custom search fields and more control over browsing tabs.

If nothing else, this latest feature will certainly get previously uninterested parties to have a look – even if it’s just a sideways glance. With version 1.5, Vivaldi dips its toes into home automation, offering up the ability to sync Philips Hue lights to browsing.

There’s a new Philips Hue Theme Integration feature that ties the color of Philips’ smart lights to the color of the sites users visit. Above all, this appears to be the company’s way of experimenting with future functionality. At present it’s more of an idiosyncratic feature, but moving forward, it could, perhaps, prove legitimately useful. Perhaps.

Here’s aforementioned former Opera CEO, Jon von Tetzchner,

This is just a first step for us but imagine a world where you get notified for a new email or web notification through a light bulb. “Vivaldi is all about customization and flexibility. Integrating with IoT devices like Philips Hue makes it possible for Vivaldi to adapt to you and your everyday life.

Imagine. Perhaps a strobe light or siren feature for when your boss is about to sneak up on you?