Amazon’s palm-reading payment tech is coming to Panera Bread

Panera will now become the first restaurant to deploy Amazon's palm reading payment and loyalty system, known as Amazon One.

Miso Robotics brings a new coffee monitoring system to Panera

Miso made a name for itself with the hamburger-cooking robot, Flippy. The company has done a fine job diversifying itself in the world’s fast food kitchens with the additions of Sippy and Chippy, ai

Landed tackles hospitality employee turnover with end-to-end recruitment matching tool

Landed automates candidate sourcing, engagement and interviewing, then matches candidates to employers based on custom criteria.

Panera launches nationwide food delivery service

Panera today is jumping fully on the on-demand food delivery bandwagon. The restaurant chain this morning announced the nationwide launch of its delivery service, which will reach 897 cities and 43 st