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Facebook Now Allows Publishers To Highlight Their Pages And Authors’ Profiles In Shared Links

This isn't exactly Facebook's mystery announcement (we'll still have to wait a little bit for that), but in the shadow of its press event today, Facebook also today made a small but interesting update

Facebook Mention Tagging Lets Apps Generate FB Notifications And Referral Traffic

Facebook <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> on its Developer Blog today that it will allow users to me

Could A New Coupon App Bring Facebook One Step Closer To Retail Commerce?

There have been some signals coming from Facebook that point to how it could one day become a platform for e-commerce beyond apps and virtual goods on Facebook itself. There are its <a href="https://t

Facebook Open Graph Leader Leaves: Director Of Product Management Carl Sjogreen Plots Next Adventure

Facebook's acq-hiring like crazy and retaining plenty of top talent, but today marks another post-IPO departure as Director of Product Management Carl Sjogreen <a target="_blank" href="http://www.face

First Came Facebook Disconnect; Now, Open Graph Redirect, A Plug-In To Read FB Open Graph Links Without The Apps

A new Chrome plug-in that lets users bypass the installation of Facebook apps, but still consume the content your friends are sharing via those Facebook-enabled apps, has been picking up users at a so

Uncomfortable With Facebook Auto-Sharing? Tap The Deliberate New “Like Action” For Web and Mobile

Every developer wants Facebook referral traffic, but not all apps have actions that fit well with auto-sharing, and others might not want to post to Facebook without their users' express permission. S

Facebook Finally Cracks Down On Auto-Sharing Spam With “10-Second Rule”

If you hate accidental auto-sharing, you're in luck. Now you have to be <a href="">watching or reading so

Shortform Launches Bookmarklet And Facebook Open Graph For Seamless Video Curation And Sharing

Video curation platform <a href="" target="_blank">Shortform</a> is launching a few new features that will make it easier for its video jockeys (VJs) to curate and share conte

Facebook: Video Apps Getting a Big Boost From Timeline And Open Graph

Facebook today <a href="">revealed</a> statistics from a variety of video apps that have integrated wit

Ustream Integrates With Facebook Timeline For Sharing Live Videos With Friends

Live video streaming website <a href="">Ustream</a> today is launching an integration with Facebook's <a href="">new Timeline user in

Share Buttons? Ha. Facebook Just Schooled The Internet. Again.

After last year's f8 keynote, my initial thought was pretty straightforward: <a href="">I Think Facebook Just Seized Control Of The Internet</a>. Between th

While Everyone Bitches, Facebook's New Social Plugins Surpass 100,000 Installs

<img src="" alt="" title="a" class="alignright size-full wp-image-179590" />Facebook Connect launched in late 2008. And now, a year and a half lat

The Open Sausage Foundation

Facebook took over the Gillmor Gang this week like it threatens to do the Web. Danny Sullivan represented those who fear the unadulterated market power of the social giant. He pressed FriendFeed co-fo

Facebook's Open Graph: It Depends On What The Meaning Of The Word "Open" Is

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-175358" title="o" src="" alt="" />Grab the popcorn. There is a serious nerd fight brewing. Following Fac